Web Eval Links

FEMA's First Concentration Camp Officially Opens in Arizona (nationalreport.net)
  • Is the National Report a credible source for news? - Google to see what others say about site. (SOURCE)
22 Islamic Jihad Training Camps in America - Is There One In YOUR State? (thefederalistpapers.org)
  • Look at the site's About page. Would you expect articles from this source to provide balanced or biased coverage? Explain. (OBJECTIVITY)
Global Warming Scandal (Daily Currant) - satirical with clear purpose vs. national report
  • Facts backed up with credible and relevant sources (links or citations)? First link to Wikpedia article on global warming conspiracy theory  (CONTENT)
Rehab for Psychopaths (ScienceNews.org feature article)
  • Facts backed up with credible and relevant sources? (yes)
  • Is the article published in a reputable source? 
  • Author have appropriate credentials to write on the subject? (science journalist)
Find an website on (topic) that has the authority and reliability to cite in an academic paper. 
  • Drop the link here:
  • What is the name of the article/web page
  • What makes this article authoritative and reliable to cite in an academic paper?



Content: Info found in multiple sources?

Content: Coverage in-depth or summary?

Content: Facts sourced with links or citations?


Purpose: Clear agenda or hidden motives?

Purpose: Balanced or biased coverage?

Purpose: Emotionally charged language (demonstrating bias and motive)?