Introduction to Religious Studies

when Keyword Searching...
Use the most important words/phrases in your topic, research question, or thesis statement. Aim for 2-3 words/phrases.
 Example: Is religious multiculturalism in America a myth?
 Important words/phrases in the question:                                "religious multiculturalism"           AND             america

 Are there similar words/phrases I could also search?                     religion AND tolerance         AND         "united states"

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Faith and Law: How Religious Traditions from Calvinism to Islam View American Law

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Muslim Ethics:
Emerging Vistas

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Spirituality, Ethics and Care

Encyclopedia of BuddhismGale Virtual Reference Library  
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Academic journals, including The Harvard Theological Review (1908-2006), History of Religions (1961-2012), and The Journal of Biblical Literature (1890-2008).

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the ARDA (association of religion data archives)

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