Information Types

What do I need?  Example(s)  Where to Search 

I need specialized encyclopedias & dictionaries to get foundational knowledge on my topic. 

  • Censorship: A World Encyclopedia
  • Dictionary of Psychology 

I need biographical information. 

  • Blacks in Science and Medicine
  • Notable Women in the Life Sciences 

I need books for a broad or in-depth examination of a topic.

  • Research with Children Perspectives and Practice
  • Gender and Crime 

If you find a title that is not in the FCL collection, you can request an interlibrary loan at the reference desk. 

I need scholarly journals for original research articles, essays, news, or reviews. 


I need trade publications for industry news, trends, and forecasts. 

I need popular magazines for general interest and opinion articles. 




I need newspapers for news reports or opinion pieces.

I need statistical information.
  • Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
  • Information Plus Reference Series 

Search: [united states statistics]

Within: [subject browse (pure)]

I need pro/con essays on controversial issues. 
  • Opposing Viewpoint Series
  • Taking Side Series 

I need information from government,

professional organization, educational institution, or company websites

Evaluating Websites guide

  • National Institutes of Health
  • American Psychological Association 


  The Information Cycle... how today's events are tomorrow's information. - Penn State University Libraries