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75 Philosophy Journals Indexed
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Analysis (12 month delay)

Asian Philosophy (18 month delay)

Ethics (12 month delay)

History & Philosophy of Logic (18 month delay)

Int'l Journal of Philosophical Studies (18 month delay)

Philosophical Psychology (18 month delay)

Philosophy East & West (12 month delay)

Phronesis (12 month delay)

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429 Philosophy Journals Indexed 
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Psychology Journalss

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Print & Electronic Philosophy Journalss
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Ethics (1985-2011 p) | full text in EBSCOhost (92+ w/6 mo. delay)

Humanist (2000-2004) | full text in EBSCOhost (92+)

Philosophy & Public Affairs (1979-85 m, 1990-2010 p)

Review of Metaphysics (2003-2011 p) | some articles indexed in EBSCO

m = microfilm, p = print

Philosophy eBookss- 
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Print Philosophy Bookss        
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Here are a few reference titles:

Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy – REF B121 .E53 2001

Oxford Companion to Philosophy – REF B51 .094 2005

Oxford Companion to the Mind – REF B31 .094 2004

Routledge Companion to Ethics – REF BJ21 .R68 2010

New Book Titles

Death of Nietzsche's Zarathustra (2012)
Hegel  (2014)
Introducing Nietzsche: A Graphic Guide (2009)
Maternal Factor: Two Paths to Morality (2010)
Kant and Cosmopolitanism: The 
Philosophical Ideal of World Citizenship (2013)
Thus Spake Zarathustra (2015)

Philosophy Reference Books 
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