Scholarship/Emergency Fund Program

Genevieve Balogun’s Legacy Scholarship Program for Children:

We are requesting support from individuals, families, groups and businesses to provide scholarships for children in Children of Labour Cultural Centre. This program commemorates the life of Genevieve Balogun who was a tireless advocate for social justice and human rights. Genevieve was a gifted teacher who worked for the Calgary Board of Education for over 30 years. She dedicated her life to assisting all students in achieving their full potential, both academically and as global citizens. She worked endlessly to build bridges between the schools she worked in, the families of her students, and the community at large. On Friday April 24, 2009 she passed away in a tragic road accident and “left us with a legacy to be carried on”.

How you can support a scholarship:

$120 per year can support one scholarship and make a difference in the life of a child and her or his family.  It is hoped that you will continue your support for at least three years, although we understand that circumstances may change. If you are able to pay any amount less than $120, we can match you with a partner.

All scholarships will be awarded annually. Your name will be included with the scholarship unless you request anonymity.

What types of Scholarships are being offered?

We are currently seeking supporters for scholarships in five categories. The number of the scholarships will depend on the number of supporters for each year and will be distributed equally to boys and girls. If you would like to create and support a new scholarship that is not offered here, that would be highly appreciated as well.

1) Helper/Tutor: This scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate leadership and compassion in supporting the learning of their peers. These children dedicate additional time to tutor and help other children to improve their scholastic abilities and learn new skills.

2) Child with Special Needs: This scholarship will be awarded to students who live with a disability. These children currently do not have access to programs and a support system that assists them to flourish in society. This support will assist them to overcome the additional barriers that impact their success in school and outside of the classroom.

3) Academic Achievement: This scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement in one or several fields of study.

4) Achievement in a Specialized Area: This scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate special talents in a non-academic subject. Subject includes a sport, the arts, languages, computers or other.

5) Most improved: This scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate the most improvement in a chosen field of study or in an alternate area as designated by the volunteer staff.

Emergency Fund:

This bursary will be provided to children who are experiencing extenuating challenges in their lives or the lives of their families. Emergency fund will assist children and their families who are experiencing urgent hardships such as an accident, hospitalization, need for surgery or other related issues. The provision of emergency fund dollars will depend on the number of donors and availability of funds. The distribution of this fund will be on a circumstantial basis.