It's July 2nd and the new FCL Summer Academy is about to begin.  Arjana has just arrived in the FCL in Brussels. But Bart is nowhere to be seen!  Suddenly she finds a  strange-looking message:   

Bart has been kidnapped! How did that happen? Why did it happen? She turned over the message and found out that they want Bart to deliver workshops in other European countries, not only in Belgium! "
Don't worry about Bart, he will be delighted to visit his eTwinning friends all around Europe",  they explained. "Travel broadens the mind!" they added. "And there'll be some nice music, too.

But the participants of the FCL Summer Academy have already arrived! They want Bart too! 
Luckily, there's  a way to let Bart break free! There are some locks to be unlocked!  Please help Arjana to Bring Bart Back,  otherwise the FCL Summer Academy will not take place at all! 

Unlock the locks