fchess2 version history

alpha1: - applet version
The chessboard is designed and little else. 10/05/09

alpha2: - applet version
Add internal posn array and piece graphics added. 10/05/09

adds drag and drop functionality for piece movement

- introduces use of HashMaps for co-ordinate mappings
- adds restrictins on dragging of pieces
- introduces Game, GameState, and Move classes
- start of basic legality test
- Oct 7 2009

- add stage 2 move legal move generation for kings, knights, pawns.
- add checkbox to enable/disable enforcement of move legality for drag and drop.
- Oct 9 2009

- completion of legal move generation
- introduces arrow buttons in GUI.
- Oct 13, 2009

- addition of negamax with alphabeta pruning & MVV/LVA move ordering
- revamped GUI including autoplay

- quiescent search and piece/square tables.
- board inversion
- .png images with transparent backgrounds.

for more information, visit the blog at http://fchess2.blogspot.com/
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