FCC Education

Christian Education is a vital to the ministry of our congregation.  Christian growth opportunities are  offered for all ages on not just Sunday mornings, but during the week as well.  Our Teaching and Learning Ministries Coordinator is Sandie Miller-Schreiter, and her ministry includes the Sunday Church School, Adult Education, and Youth.  Classes for children, youth, and adults are offered September through May.  In the summer months, child care for the youngest children and "Kid Vid" for early grade schoolers are offered during the 9:30 worship hour.


At 9 am while the children are in their classes, adults can go to a presentation/discussion on various topics. Speakers from the university, community and from within the church address many different kinds of issues, from Bible study and different religious practices to community happenings, life improvement tips and current events. Or if you just need some time to unwind, you can get a cup of coffee and read one of several newspapers in room 208.
Is there really just one God for all these faiths? Do we ever have the right to tell a lie or do something bad? Is there such a thing as divine healing? Is there really a devil? Was Jesus really raised from the dead? Have you ever wondered about these things as you have traveled on our faith's journey? If so, you're not alone. And while we may never have the answers, it's interesting to hear other people's thoughts on such important faith-based  questions.
These are the very kinds of topics we discuss each week during our Tuesday Night Spirituality Discussion Group get-togethers. The group isn't real large so you don't have to worry about getting lost amongst a bunch of people, but most everyone who comes is a fellow FCC member so you'll be among friends. Come check it out. If you just want to be a silent observer, that's perfectly fine. Or you can jump in with both feet and share to your heart's content. Either way, we promise the 90 minutes you share with us will be uplifting, enlightening and will certainly make you think. Please consider joining us some Tuesday starting at 7 pm right here at the church. We hope to see you soon!


September through May, at 9:00 classes are offered for all children from age 3  through High School.

Pre-School through 1st grade classes use "Spark" curriculum.  Each week, the children explore faith by learning about a different story from the bible using creative and fun activities.

2nd grade through 6th grade classes use the rotation method.  Each month we focus on a new story and learn using a different way of learning each Sunday.  One Sunday they may be cooking, the next, art.  This is based on the "Multiple Intelligences Theory."  It is active learning that is connected to their faith.  This year several Faith Practices will be explore using the rotation method.

7th and 8th graders and our High School students get a little more in-depth using the UCC Faith Practices resource to learn about living out their faith.  Our 7th and 8th grade youth are learning about faith by the Re:form curriculum. It uses engaging humorous DVD’s to teach kids about faith and bible characters of the Old and New testaments

High School youth are using the DVD series ‘Dream, Think, Be, Do’ from Living the questions as a supplement to the Faith Practices resource.