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Adult - Life Long Learning

At 9 am while the children are in their classes, adults can go to a presentation/discussion on various topics. Speakers from the university, community and from within the church address many different kinds of issues, from Bible study and different religious practices to community happenings, life improvement tips and current events. Or if you just need some time to unwind, you can get a cup of coffee and read one of several newspapers in room 208.

Starting on September 16th and running through November 4 during the Adult Ed hour (9:00am), Karen Bowen, Shelly Maxwell, Joe Weidenmeier, and Rev. Nancy invite you to join us for a study/discussion group using the UCC materials, White Privilege: Let’s Talk. As part of the Wisconsin Conference’s preparation for hosting the national UCC’s General Synod next year in Milwaukee, the conference is asking congregations to learn more about how “race” as a category has been constructed (and for what purposes), to enter into challenging conversations, and to follow the Spirit’s guidance toward a world no longer imprisoned by its past.

For a preview, visit: Access the White Privilege Curriculum. We look forward to taking this journey with you!