Hello, Im John From Minnesota and as part of my star event this year I will be helping other people
develop star events so that they are sucessful and can make to the state compition or even the national
 The First thing that you will have do when you start you project after you have picked out your subject is use the planning process and "Begin with the end in mind"
 After you have done this step and you know what you want to do with your project then its time to start reading the rubric for your event this presentation should hopfully help you out with this step.
Also during your project you'll see that you will have to relate your project to a national program and most likly an FCCLA purpose and for some of the events such as Illistrated talk you will have to make a file folder. the Next two presintation should help you out with this step.
This presentation will give you all the main definitions of the national programs if you want to read on to see information about scholorships and such click here for the link to the national website with this information.
Now that you have done these steps you have your planning process, your presentation materials, your file folder, you and know your subject the last thing to do is relate your project to Family and Consumer Sciences or FACS for this step I would talk to your advisor or your local FACS teacher.
Now that I have explained the steps I have one more piece of advise. The first is when doing a star event ALWAYS!!!!! talk to your advisor about your project because when your advisor knows what you want to do with your project they can help you get to state.