Parent Responsibilities

  1. Parents must drop-off and pick-up kids on time
  2. FC Balagokulam is a play group jointly run by every participating parent. It is not an entity with a management, organizational body or insurance. Each parent is responsible for the actions of their own children and collectively for the activities of the group.
  3. Children who are disruptive in the class and cannot correct themselves after repeated warnings will be asked to leave the program
  4. Any damages to the rented location must be paid by the parents of the child/children who caused the damage. In cases where a clear liability cannot be associated with an individual, the entire group will be responsible in common
  5. Teachers and volunteers are not part of management of the organization. Each parent is welcome to volunteer at their convenience and interest to participate in the program at any level.
  6. Parents must keep checking their emails on a weekly basis and comply with any electronic information submission requests as needed. Parents who repeatedly disregard communications will be asked to volunteer for a full session to share the workload.