Classes are held once a week, every Sunday except major holidays (see calendar on home page). 

Timing: From 9AM to 10:15AM


Classes are taught by volunteer teachers with small class sizes. Currently we admit kids who are 5 years and older (Must be enrolled in Kindergarten at regular school) as of the session start date.

A typical class consists of
- Assembly (10 mins)
- Slokhams / Bhajans (20 mins)
- Suryanamaskar / Yoga exercises (15 mins)
- Story / Discussions (30 minutes)

From Fall 2016, children are learning Chapter 17 of Bhagvad Gita. Youngest kids will learn as little as 5 slokhas each. Older kids will learn more per learning capacity. Interested students can then participate in the Bhagvad Gita competition held by Chinmaya Mission in Spring 2017 (& every Spring). 

To add variety there are monthly activities such as small projects (E.g. play-dough Ganesh, CD toran, OM T-shirt) or playing Indian games. 

Guest lectures on topics such as Ayurvedha, Bharath nrithya are offered once or twice a session.

All children will train to participate in the annual performance event (where children perform in cultural music, dance & skits) held at end of January. 

Children also get to watch a movie or video relevant to the topic covered in the class (e.g. Ganesha or Hanuman movie).

We celebrate and discuss the meaning and significance of every Indian / Hindu holiday or festival.

In Spring, children will work on an article (write-up, art, poem or jokes) for our yearbook. Group and individual pictures, taken on the photo day, will be included in the yearbook.

Mother's day is a special event at Balagokulam. Mothers (women teachers) get the day off, Dads come in to help kids make a special personalized craft project which they will present to their mothers.

Year usually ends with an Annual family picnic event - with sports, games and great food.