Happy Home

Fort Bragg School District is creating a "HAPPY @ Fort Bragg" video project and we need your help.  Students and their families who attend Fort Bragg School District may volunteer and are invited to submit short (school friendly) video clips of students and their families dancing, singing or lip syncing to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams at locations around Fort Bragg that make you and your family "happy." We look forward to viewing and sharing your clips in our final "HAPPY @ Fort Bragg" video on our district website.

Song lyrics can be found at AZlyrics.com where you can search the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and you can download your own copy of the song at the links below. Once complete, participants can submit video clips by following the directions on the "Submit HAPPY Video Clips" page to the left.

This site will be available through 30 July 2014 and at that time access to submit your video clips will close.

Fort Bragg District thanks you for your support in advance and looks forward to your contributions to this project!