Cartool Software

Important news about Cartool registration

  • We have a new Cartool Community website, which holds the FAQs, User's Guide, Discussions etc... which replaces the old Cartool Google Group (still accessible, but only for the Discussions).
  • Registering to Cartool is now a single step of registering to the Cartool Community, which ties together the agreement to use Cartool and the registration to the Cartool Community group.
  • Due to this new scheme, we have to ask all the previously registered users of Cartool to go through the new registration process again. This way, we start with a clean setup for all of us, and I can also update the list of the registered users at the same time. Sorry for this little boring administrative work, that's once in a many years task to do...

is our home-made EEG analysis software, a project started in 1996. This program has been fully programmed by Denis Brunet, and it evolves thanks to the valuable comments of numerous people (we can not cite all of them here!).