Invitation to participate

The F Blog subjects for your photographs



            TREES                       DOCU 08                     FACE TO FACE

 BEGINNING WITH F                 BUS SHELTERS                 CAFÉ


You will find a variety of projects, featured subjects or whatever you may call it on The F Blog. Please don´t hesitate to send photos for our consideration. We are always glad to receive contributions from you to make the F Blog even more dynamic. You are of course welcome to send photos even if they are not related to any of the subjects found here.

 The three major projects for 2008 are: Trees, Docu 08 and Face to face. They are open until 31 december 2008. You will find all the info you need by using the links provided.

There is no guarantee in publishing all pictures we receive. However don´t hesitate to give it a try. We are there for photography.