Conference Presentations

         2017      Pleistocene human occupation of the Kashan region, western edge of the  central                                              desert, Tappeh Sialk: The Glory of Ancient KashanChair: John Curtis, Iran Heritage                                         Foundation, March 2017, Asia House, London   

Middle Paleolithic 
Assemblage Variability in Zagros: New Evidence from Kermanshah 
Archaeology of Iran I, Chair: Holly Pittman, ASOR, November 2016 Annual Meeting,
                      La Cantera, San Antonio, Texas,

        2015      New Evidence for Lower/Middle Paleolithic Occupation of Central Iran and Western Alborz,
                     Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of                                     Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark (Guest lecture)

Typo--technological analysis of the Late Middle Paleolithic bifacial industry of Qaleh Bozi                                       Rockshelter, Central Iran, RNMH2014, I
nternational Conference on Replacement of                                                 Neanderthals by  Modern Humans, Date, Hokkaido, Japan

             2014      Over half a century of cave archaeology in Iran, a review, Session: Cave Archaeology and                                  Paleonthology, 1st International Geosciences Congress, Speleology, Bu-Ali Sina University,                                Hamedan, Iran


             2013      The Lower and Middle Paleolithic occupation of Iran: New evidence from Darband Cave                                          and Qaleh Bozi site complex, Symposium "Paleolithic of Iran", University of Tsukoba, Tokyo

             2012      Qaleh Bozi: New evidence for the Late Middle Paleolithic occupations from Esfahan, 
                          Central Iranian Plateau, The 11th Annual Symposium of Iranian Archaeology, National                                       Museum of Iran, Tehran

          2012        Cave archaeology in Iran with emphasis on Paleolithic Period, Invited lecture, Iran                                                    ICOMOS, Tehran 

2012       Test Excavations in the Late Lower Paleolithic Cave Site of Darband, A Preliminary Report,
               The First Seminar of Archaeological Research in the Darband Caves, in the occasion of                              Cultural Heritage week, Rashi, Roudbar, Gilan 

2008        Darband Cave: A Late Lower Paleolithic Cave-Site at Western Alborz Range, Iran, Paper                             presented  at the session:  " The Earliest Hominids in Eurasia: An Appraisal", World                                     Archaeological Congress,  Dublin, Ireland (senior author with Jahani, V.; Mashkour,  M., and                       A. Argant) 


2008        Qaleh Bozi (Isfahan) faunal remains; a Mousterian site of the Iranian Central Plateau,           

                Archaeozoology of the Near East VIII: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on                       the 

Archaeozoology of Southwestern Asia and Adjacent Areas. Mashkour, M., and Beech,                           M., (eds), 

pp.43, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates (junior author with  Mashkour, M., and Rendu,                       W).


2008       Bifacial Mousterian industries in Iran, New findings from Qaleh Bozi (Esfahan) and Arsanjan                     (Fars),  Iran,  Paper presented at the international symposium " The Paleolithic in the Near                          East and Neighboring Region", Basel, Switzerland


2007       Darband Cave: New Evidence for Lower Paleolithic occupation at Western Alborz  Range, Gilan. Proceedings of the 11th Symposium of the Geological  Society of Iran, Ferdowsi University

          of Mashhad, Mashhad  (senior author with Jahani, V.; Mashkour,  M.; Argant, A.; Shidrang, S.;

          and Taheri, K.)


2007      The Acheulian culture in Iran, with special reference to Ganj Par, Paper  presented at the

          International seminar " Les cultures a bifaces du Pléistocène  inférieur et moyen dans le monde. 

          Emergence  du sens de l'harmonic",  Tautavel, France

2007      Qaleh Bozi: A Middle Paleolithic Industry with Bifacial Tools from Central Iran,  Paper presented at the 2007 annual Paleoanthropology Society Meetings, Philadelphia, Penn, U. S. A. (senior  author with Sonia Shidrang, Mohsen Javeri,  Mehdi Yazdi)

2006      Mousterian Workshops and raw material sources in the west-central Zagros, The Case of Gakia and Amar Merdeg, Paper presented at the International Symposium on Iranian Archaeology;  Western Region, Kermanshah, Iran.

2006 The Middle Palaeolithic occupation of Mar-Tarik, a new Zagros Mousterian site in Bistun massif (Kermanshah, Iran)., XV Congress of the UISPP, Lisbon, Portugal. (junior author  J. Jaubert   with J. Jaubert, .J. Bordes, L. Bruxelles, V. Mourre, S.   Shidrang, and R. Naderi)

2006     Test Excavations at the Middle Paleolithic Sites of Qaleh Bozi, Southwest of Central Iran, XV Congress of the UISPP, Lisbon, Portugal. (senior author with M. Javeri, M. Mashkour,
M. Yazdi, R. Naderi, S. Shidrang, F. Bahrol’olumi, M. Tengberg, J.  Darvish, N. Hashemi)
2005     Sefid-Ab: New Evidence of Upper Paleolithic Occupation at the Iranian Central Plateau. The 2005 Annual ASOR Meetings, Philadelphia, Penn, U. S. A. (junior author with S. Shidrang)
2005     Ganj Par: New Evidence for Distribution of the Acheulian into Iran.The 2005 Annual ASOR Meetings, Philadelphia, Penn, U. S. A.

2004       Preliminary Report on the Discovery of Middle Paleolithic Artifacts near Maragheh, Southeast of the Lake Urmieh. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Iranian Archaeology; Northwestern Region, Urmia, Iran. (Lead author with Reza Ghafari)                 






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