Paleolithic Department,

National Museum of Iran, 30 Tir St.

Emam Ave. P.O.Box 11365/4364,

Tehran, IRAN


Present positions

Head of Paleolithic Department, National Museum of Iran

Deputy for Cultural Affairs, National Museum of Iran

Editor-in-chief, Journal of Iranian Archaeology


  Ph.D,  Institute of Prehistory and Quaternary Geology, University of Bordeaux, France. The Late Mousterian Assemblages of Qaleh Bozi and The Middle Paleolithic Techno-typological Variability in Iran

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2006. M. A. Archaeology, Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Iran." The Lower Paleolithic Assemblage of Ganj Par"

Research Interests

The Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Iran and Western Asia; lithic technology


Symposium Organized

Iranian Paleolithic. XVth Congress of the International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Science (U.I.S.P.P), Lisbone, Portugal. 2006. Organized with M. Otte and J. Jaubert  pdf


Professional Organization Memberships:

Paleoanthropology Society

World Archaeological Congress

 Council, Iranian Center for Archaeological Research



Paleolithic survey at Awraman, The Kermanshah  Province 2009

A biface (trihedral) discovered at Amar Merdeg, 
Mehran Plain at western foothills of Zagros.