Marschal A. Fazio
Photo by
Jeff Cantle
Marschal A. Fazio

Professional Information
  • Bachelors Degree:  Biology; Warner Pacific College, Portland, Oregon; 2001
  • Teaching Credentials:  CA Clear Single Subject: Biological Sciences, CLAD certificate
  • Intellectual Interests: I am interested in Herpetology and the ecology of the chaparral and deserts of the Western United States. I am also interested in developing and teaching science curriculum for the 21st century. 

Teaching Experience

  • University Senior High School, Los Angeles School District, 2005-Present
    • Science Department Chair
      • Courses taught: Biology, AP Biology, Physiology, Integrated Coordinated Science, Science Research and Explorations
  • Glencoe High School, Hillsboro School District, September- December 2004
    • Student teaching experience
      • Courses taught: Biology, AP Biology, Forensic Science, Integrated Science
      • Work sample- Cells: the Units of Life
  • Scappoose Middle School, Scappoose School District, January- June 2004
    • Student teaching experience
      • Courses taught: 7th grade life science
      • Work sample- Genetics: Human Heredity

  • Other teaching experience:


Action Research Project/ Thesis

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Reflection