The Fayette County Conservation District was duly organized as a legal subdivision of state government on August 5, 1946. It is led by a board of seven supervisors who are elected by the people of Fayette County. There are cooperative agreements with other agencies that assist in the District’s objectives and activities.  The purpose of the Fayette County Conservation District is to promote conservation and development of all renewable and nonrenewable natural resources in Fayette County. This is done by assisting and educating landowners, land users, and our environment's future: children.  By coordinating federal, state, and local resources, the District is authorized to undertake, sponsor, or participate in projects and activities that promote the conservation, development, maintenance and use of the land, water, trees, and other natural resources of the District.

The board of Supervisors meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the FCCD Office Conference Room, except for Federal Holidays.  The public is welcome to join us during our meetings.



We provide technical advice on a variety of natural resource issues for Fayette County landowners.  Using the Best Management Practices, we assist in the areas of conservation  for resources such as soil, water, air, plants and animals.  We can also assist you in creating an efficient Conservation Plan for your farm and to ensure that you have an Ag Water Quality plan in place with your farm.  We work with the USDA-NRCS by offering programs and technical support that can assist your conservation needs.



The Fayette County Conservation District provides several cost-share programs at a rate of 50% cost-shared for landowners.  Areas include Agriculture Diversification, Forage Improvement, On-Farm Water Enhancement,On Farm Energy, Technology,Cattle Handling, Cattle Genetics, Farm Structure,Commercial Poultry, Dairy, and Swine, and Goat and Sheep as well as provide Equipment available to rent out through a cooperative agreement with Southern States Lexington Cooperative. Other investment areas include Cattle Genetics Improvement, Cattle Handling Facilities, Farm Livestock Fencing Improvement, Farm Structure and Commodity Handling, Commercial Poultry, Dairy, and Swine, Goat and Sheep Diversification and Technology.



The Agriculture Water Quality Act requires all landowners with ten or more acres that is being used for agriculture or silviculture operations to develop and implement a water quality plan based upon specific guidelines. It is the sole responsibility of each of these landowners to develop and implement a water quality plan for their individual operations.  The Fayette County Conservation District provides assistance in obtaining an agriculture water quality plan. To use the online tool for creating a Ag water plan, click here: www.ca.uky.edu/awqa.



 In 1982 Kentucky's General Assembly passed the Agricultural District Law.  This law permits a landowner or a group of landowners, owning at least 250 contiguous acres in active agricultural production, to petition their local conservation district to form an agricultural district.  The local conservation district board of supervisors reviews the petition, makes their recommendation, and then forwards all information to the Kentucky Soil and Water Conservation Commission for approval to participate in Kentucky's Agricultural District Program.



  • We have several types of maps of Fayette County for use in environmental assessments. Please be sure to call to ensure that someone will be able to assist you when you plan your visit. Some of the maps that we have for viewing include:
  • Historical aerial photographs for the years 1937, 1952, 1980-81, and 1990
  • Soil survey sheets and soil descriptions
  • USGS Topographical Maps
  • FEMA Flood Insurance Maps



Each year at the Fayette County Farm Burea Auction, the Conservation District provides free tree seedlings to landowners for planting. Different native species are identified and distributed to encourage growth of trees in Fayette County.

FAYETTE COUNTY FARM FIELD DAY AND FARM TOURvariety of natural resource issues for FayettCounty

Every other year, The Fayette county Conservation District co-sponsors the Fayette County Farm Field Day. Between those years, we assist the FC Extension Office in conducting a farm tour of an agribusiness outside of the county. The field day highlights a farm that has used cost-share funds in a unique setting, as well as an abundance of information. Leadership for organizing the farm field day is shared with Fayette County's Extension Office, Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Farm Bureau.

2011 Farm Field Day

Tasting some of Todd Clark's organic chicken! Yum!

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