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This year's national competition will be held in Springfield, Missouri July 27-August 2. Carly Burton, (Environmental Coordinator) has had 5 state champions accredited to her coaching abilities.  

District Information

The Fayette County Conservation District is a non-profit organization that was organized in 1946 under state statue KRS262. The Conservation District is a subdivision of County Government and is funded by the LFUCG in the form of a millage tax. The Conservation District is operated by a locally elected seven member board.
The purpose of the Conservation district is to educate the public both young and old, in both the urban and rural areas about the preservation of our natural resources. The District helps develop conservation plans on the farms and works with the farmers and landowners to implement conservation minded practices on the land. The district also works within the schools to educate the young on how to protect our natural resources.
The Distrct operates out of the USDA Service Center which houses several agencies that we work with to better service the agriculture sector. The Distrct works in conjunction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service as they are the "technical" agency that services our cost share programs. These NRCS employees are Federal employees who are responsible for administering Farm Bill Programs as well as State Cost Share.
The State Division of Conservation also provides a Field Representative to act as a liason between County and State. The field representative advises the board, attends board meetings, assists the board and staff, provides training to all district staff, ensures that all funding is spent properly and inspects practices that are implemented through State Cost Share.
We are located at 141 Leestown Center Way, Suite 210, Lexington, Kentucky 40511. Office hours are 7:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday. Phone No. is 859-254-5806/3.

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Fayette County Conservation District Office