Fayao Liu

Email: fayaoliu{AT}gmail.com

Google scholar page: [link]


I obtained my PhD degree from School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide, Dec 2015, under the supervision of Prof. Chunhua Shen.

Research Interests

Machine Learning: Structured learning, Deep learning, Kernel learning, etc.

Applications: Computer vision, Medical image analysis, etc.


I am serving as reviewers for top-tier conferences and journals including CVPR, TPAMI, TNNLS, TIP, etc.

Selected Publications

For the full publication list, please refer to my Google scholar page: [link]

  1. Fayao LiuChunhua ShenGuosheng Lin, Ian D. ReidLearning Depth from Single Monocular Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Fields. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2015. [pdf]. [code].
  2. Fayao LiuChunhua ShenGuosheng Lin. Deep Convolutional Neural Fields for Depth Estimation from a Single Images. CVPR 2015. [pdf].
  3. Fayao Liu, Guosheng Lin, Chunhua Shen. CRF Learning with CNN Features for Image Segmentation.  Pattern Recognition, 2015. [pdf].
  4. Fayao Liu, Luping ZhouChunhua ShenJianping YinMultiple Kernel Learning in the Primal for Multimodal Alzheimer's Disease Classification. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2014. [pdf].
  5. Fayao Liu, Chunhua Shen, Ian Reid, Anton van den Hengel. Online Unsupervised Feature Learning for Visual Tracking. Image and Vision Computing, 2016. [pdf].
  6. Guosheng Lin, Fayao Liu, Chunhua Shen, Jianxin Wu, HengTao Shen. Structured Learning of Binary Codes with Column GenerationInternational Journal of Computer Vision, 2016. [pdf]. 
  7. Chunhua Shen, Junae Kim, Fayao Liu, Lei Wang, Anton van den Hengel.  Efficient Dual Approach to Distance Metric Learning. IEEE Transactions on Neural Network and Learning System, 2014. [pdf].
  8. Fayao Liu, Ruizhi Qiao, Chunhua Shen, Lei Luo. Designing ensemble learning algorithms using kernel methodsInternational Journal of Machine Intelligence and Sensory Signal Processing, 2017. [pdf].
  9. Fayao LiuGuosheng Lin, Chunhua ShenDiscriminative Training of Deep Fully-connected Continuous CRF with Task-specific LossIEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2017. [pdf]. 
  10. Fayao Liu, Guosheng Lin, Ruizhi Qiao, Chunhua Shen. Structured learning of tree potentials in CRF for image segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Neural Network and Learning System, 2018[pdf]