Two Dimensional Mobile Robotic Mapping

Two Dimensional Mobile Mapping Robot Built and Programmed from Scratch

As a part of the freshman design sequence at Drexel University, freshman design III has freshman form groups, develop an idea for a project, and work with an advisor in order to understand and develop skills for seeing a project go through from start to end. Along with four other students, we worked on a project with Dr. Richard Primerano from the Electrical Engineering department at Drexel University for developing a two dimensional mobile mapping robot from scratch. This project was developed over three months with extensive documentation, as well as a final paper describing the engineering process.

I developed the idea for the project as well provided funding other than the parts provided by Dr. Primerano. I also performed the documentation for the project which can be seen in the project blog, project website, and the paper linked at the bottom of this page. Many parts of this project was a continuation of the work done for the micromouse competition I attempted to compete in shown here. This project involved a variety of topics that I was not very familiar with before this project, including circuit design, digital and analog sensor integration and data handling, wireless communication, encoders, integrated circuits, and many others. This project sparked my interest in robotics and autonomous systems.

Frederick Wachter,
Dec 8, 2014, 1:31 PM