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National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) 2015

Boat at Penn State University for the Concrete Canoe Regional Competition

Name: ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC)

Regional Competition
Held By: Penn State University Main Campus
Location: University Park, State College, PA
Date: April 11th to 12th, 2015
Placed: 2nd

The National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) is a competition held every year by the American Society of Civil Engineers. All teams participating in the United States competition are split into regions, and first must compete there. The competition consists of a presentation, engineering notebook, design paper, display, and a set of canoe races. Team participating fabricate a concrete canoe following the guidelines set out by ASCE (can be found on the NCCC Website). This is then through the various competitions described above, and the winner is the team with the most points at the end of all competitions. 

Drexel University's Concrete Canoe Team (CCT) performs research on concrete mix design and fabricates a concrete canoe every year. Mix design research includes finding different types of cementitious mixes, aggregates, and accelerants that will produce a lightweight, yet strong canoe that is able to maneuver through water. Since 2013, Drexel's CCT has moved away from a hand-placed fabrication style to using High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayers for a shotcrete application. Switching to this method allows for a more homogenous canoe, which is able to be fabricated in a fraction of the time in comparison to the fabrication of a hand-placed canoe. The shotcrete application does require a different style of mix since it must be able to be shot from a spray gun, meaning that large sized aggregates cannot be used and the mix must be less viscous.

The Drexel CCT competes in the National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) each year, placing 1st at regionals, 1st in the national design paper, and 10th overall at nationals in the spring and summer of 2014.

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Video of Rowers for Men's Endurance Race
Frederick Wachter,
Apr 20, 2015, 2:47 PM