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There are many ways that you can make a donation that will help to support our soldiers and veterans!
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Make a Donation as a Gift

Appropriate for any circumstance. Your recipient will receive a beautiful card informing them of the donation that was made on their behalf.

If you would like to give more than just a donation as a gift, we can even send a gift card from 11 popular stores to be included in the greeting card.

Each card that is sent will be specific for the occasion and will depict pictures of the soldiers and veterans that the donation is helping to support.

Birthday, Holiday, Memorial, Tribute, Graduation,  Anniversary, Illness, Promotion, Wedding, Thank you, Retirement, Bereavement, Celebration, Remembrance of, or Just Because... what better gift could you give that will make a difference!

It's FAST & EASY to do online!
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Become a Sponsor

A great way to say "Thank You" to a Soldier or Veteran for their service and sacrifice!

Sponsor a boating expedition or a Peer Mentoring Program.

Do it on behalf of yourself OR do it as a "Tribute", "Memorial" or "in Honor of" someone else.

Your sponsorship donation is 100% tax deductible.

Additionally a beautiful card will be sent to you or your intended recipient with pictures depicting the soldiers and veterans whom you are supporting with your generous donation.

There are many sponsorship options so make a difference and become a sponsor today!

It's EASY & FAST to do online!
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Become a Member

As a member you will be invited to the annual members meeting (held on the 1st Saturday in October).

Your membership gives you the privilege to vote on important issues being addressed in the meeting concerning the programs and our growth.

You will also be invited to the annual bar-b-cue recognition dinner (following the members meeting).

Additionally, you will receive the quarterly newsletters and 3 special greeting cards per year (Memorial Day, Veterans Day and the 4th of July)

Become a basic member or upgrade your membership to one of our 7 different levels. Your membership also helps to support our programs.

It's FAST & EASY to do online!
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