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How to submit an article to Faura Online

As Faura Online is the tripartite publication of the College, articles may come from any member of the College’s administration, faculty or students. The question is, how do you submit?
There are three ways to submit article for publication to Faura Online: 1) Write an article and submit it to Office of the Dean, CAS; 2) Use the “Submit an Article” link; or, 3) be a collaborator.

The first two methods are straightforward. You write (or encode) your article, then print it or copy-paste it to the “Submit an Article” link online. These are easy ways, however, you have less control over the appearance or style of your article.

The third, however, allows you full control over your page: Be a collaborator.

As you may know (or, now you know), Faura Online uses Google Sites. If you have a Google account or you have access to Google Docs using other email, you can ask the Site Administrator to allow you to be a collaborator by inviting you.

Faculty members who have already have Google Sites access because is hosted by Google.

In order to be invited, you can go to the website (, click the link that says “Be a Collaborator.” This will display a form which will inform the Site Administrator to add you as a collaborator.

You will receive an email confirming if you already have collaborator access to Faura Online. Having collaborator access means you can add articles and edit the display or layout of your article. Also, your name will automatically be displayed as the author of that page.

Further, since you have a Google account, you can integrate other Google services in your article. For example, you can add a slideshow from your social networking account, or display an online presentation that you may have from Google Docs.

Submitting an article this way is like blogging or sending an email. Here are basic steps:
  1. You need to sign in first to Google Sites, and then click “Faura Online.” If you are signed in from Gmail or email, just click “More” and then “Sites.” Then click “Faura Online.” Alternatively, go to, then click "Sign In" at the bottom of the page. This will prompt for a GMail login and password. Once you enter your GMail username and password, the browser reloads Faura Online with options for editing.
  2. Once the Faura Online site loads, click the Articles link, then click “New post.”
  3. You can now type or paste your article and make the changes.
You need to remember some things, however, when you post your article:
  1. Use the Articles link, then click “New post.” Don’t forget to save!
  2. Of course, offensive language is not allowed. The Site Administrator reserves the right to edit and remove articles and other content that are deemed inappropriate for the online newsletter.
  3. Cite your sources properly.
In any way you want, we look forward to hearing your voice... or reading your content--online.

Ways to submit an article to Faura Online

1. Submit a printed copy to the Dean's Office

2. Submit an Article

3. Be a collaborator