This page contains information about the College. Information about Faura Online and the Google Sites system being used by Faura Online are available in sub-pages, links of which are available at the bottom of this page.

College Administrators

Alex C. Gonzaga, PhD, DrEng

Rosario R. Rubite, PhD
Assoc Dean, Academic Affairs

Luciana V. Ilao, MS
Assoc Dean, Planning and Development

Alice B. Adeva, MA
College Secretary

Department Chairs

Donna Aelred C. Bautista, PhD
Chair, Department of Arts and Communications

Leonardo R. Estacio, Jr. PhD
Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences

Miriam P. De Vera, PhD
Chair, Department of Biology

Conrado R. Aparato, MPE
Chair, Department of Physical Education

Marcelina B. Lirazan, PhD
Chair, Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Sharon A. Caringal, MMPM
Chair, Department of Social Sciences

Coordinators and Special Assistants to the Dean

Laufred I. Hernandez, MM, MA
Coordinator, Graduate Program of the Arts and Sciences

Jerome A. Ong, MA
Officer for Student Services and Coordinator, Gender Program

Geoffrey A. Solano, MS
Convenor, Manila Studies Program and Head, IT Office

Carolina S. Pulumbarit, MA
Coordinator, Alumni Affairs and Extension Services