About Us

For the most up to date information and latest news, please visit our facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/fauldhousePenguins/

Fauldhouse Penguins is a swimming club aimed at teaching young people to swim and gain more experience.  We are based at the Fauldhouse pool, on Lanrigg Road, Fauldhouse.  All of our teachers and coaches are qualified to a minimum of level 1, and donate their time to make sure as many young people as possible learn the valuable life long skill of swimming.
We currently have 6 squads to reflect various levels of achievement.  We hold regular monthly committee meetings - see the notice board or web site for dates.  All parents are welcome at these meetings and your views and ideas would be appreciated.
Any new swimmers interested in joining the club should contact our Head Coach - Tom Sievewright at tomswimming1@gmail.com or telephone him on 07714027692 to arrange this.