Hello! Thank you for checking out my web site. I'm Denise Tarbox and Fat Yellow Dog Farm is my felting  business located at 2511 Howard Hill Rd Newark Valley, N.Y. 13811.  When we think of felt, most of us think of the polyester stuff children use that is  available in craft stores. This is NOTHING like the beautiful material hand felters make out of natural animal fibers.  I use the best quality sheep wool (mostly merino), combined with silk, mohair, alpaca- all hand dyed- even yarns and angelina fibers to make hats, scarves, vests and vessels. Using these materials,soapy water and friction ( rolling the wet fibers), " felting magic" happens and a sturdy non woven fabric is created. I very much enjoy sharing this magic by conducting classes in felt making at sheep and wool shows and museums.  Classes are held at the Bement Billings Farm Museum ( Folk Art Series) in Newark Valley, N.Y., the Home Textile Tool Museum in North Orwell, Pa. and at the following sheep and wool shows: Central N.Y. Sheep and Wool at Bouckville,N.Y., Endless Mountains Sheep and Wool at Harford, Pa. and Finger Lakes Sheep and Wool at Hemlock, N.Y.. Private classes can also be arranged.   I also sell my felt products at the shows listed above as well as at area art and craft shows, and at the Black Cat Gallery in Owego, N.Y. Please check out the show and class information for this year. Thanks! I can be reached at 607-642-5568 0r sdtarbox@frontier.com