Fat Thumb Victuals

Shuttling your goodies to Clemson from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and Total Wine

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What is Fat Thumb Victuals?

Fat Thumb Victuals (FTV) goes to Greenville on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th (if applicable) Monday each month to pick up your favorite stuff for you from Trader Joe's, Total Wine and Whole Foods.

For Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, FTV should be thought of as more of a pick-up/delivery service, not necessarily as a shopping service, i.e. it works best for items which you have already purchased before or have researched online and of whose availability at WF or TJ you are already aware. If you would like to order something unknown please email us well ahead of the weekend. We can even research your items for you for an additional fee if you like! 

For purchases from Total Wine, please go to the Total Wine & More Greenville website and place your order, designating that it will be picked up by a third party. Send FTV a copy of your order or order confirmation.

How does it work? 

  • Click on the link below to submit your order by Saturday, 8pm, before the Monday trip. Your order will be confirmed via email. Be prepared to give a very detailed description of each item and to give a price estimate for each.
  • You will receive an invoice by midnight Saturday night, including the estimated cost of your items plus FTV's fee.
  • Pay online by 12:00am (midnight) Sunday night (your invoice email will include a link).
  • Pick up your goodies Monday night anytime after 7:15pm in Central (address will be on your invoice).
  • Please bring your own grocery bags when you come to pick up your order.
  • Please note:
    • In case of insufficient orders, FTV may not make the trip. You will be notified by Sunday; you can let your order and payment stand for the next week if you like or receive a refund.
    • In case of high volume, later orders may be refused or abridged. FTV will contact you Sunday if the car is getting too full!
How much does it cost?
Please note that our existing fees have changed very slightly also.

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods:
  • $10 for 1-10 items, not to exceed approx. volume of 1 full paper grocery bag or one case of wine 
  • $15 for 1-20 items, not to exceed approx. volume of 2 full paper grocery bags
  • Surcharges/adjustments
    • FTV may adjust for larger items, e.g. cases of wine, etc. Small surcharges may apply. Invoice will explain expected fee adjustments.
    • Except if volume guidelines above are exceeded, multiples of the same item will be counted as one item, e.g. 5 individually packaged salmon filets = 1 item
    • Unexpected adjustments and surcharges will be communicated during or immediately after the Greenville trip and will be payable Monday afternoon online or in cash upon pickup of your items.
Total Wine & More:
  • $10 for 1 case or less
  • $5 for each additional case
  • $5 of this fee is non-refundable (i.e. if Total Wine does not have your order for whatever reason on the designated day FTV will keep $5 of your original fee as a service charge)
If you order from 2-3 places, your fee will be based on approx. total volume of all your goods and pricing will be similar to those stated above ($10 for all of your items if less than one paper grocery bag/one case of wine's worth of space, etc.) PLUS a $2 surcharge for each additional store (two stores: $2, three stores: $4).


For Total Wine & More please order on their site...

  • Please make sure to specify that order will be picked up by a third party
  • Please make sure your order will arrive by the next FTV Monday (1st, 3rd or 5th in the month)
  • Please forward a copy or confirmation of your order to Fat Thumb Victuals*
  • In cases where your order has not arrived in time for FTV pickup you will be refunded all but $5 of your original FTV payment.

For items from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods…

1. Click here to order your Greenville goodies via an online form by 8pm each Saturday. Please read form carefully and fill all required fields and be sure to click "Submit." Please note that the form allows for only one item to be ordered (or multiple count/varieties of same item). Complete one form for each item you would like to order. This is crucial in order for the item count to be correct on our end.

2. If you prefer you may email your order to FTV*, listing your order items. Include all of the following in your email:

  • Give your name, email address, and phone number.
  • For each item: 
    • Give all possible specifics including size, format (carton or can, etc.), flavor, etc.
    • Give a contingency if you have a second choice (what FTV should do if your first choice is out of stock).
    • Tell which store (Trader Joe's or Whole Foods) sells the item.
    • Give a good faith estimate of the price of each item plus $1.
    • Example: "Fudge marble Rice Dream at Whole Foods, only comes in one size, $4.99 each; if they're out, get mint carob chip"

3. Call FTV with your order if you prefer. Email FTV* if you do not have the number. Give your phone number so we can call you, or we will email you back with a phone number.

4. Watch your email for an invoice. Be prepared to pay your invoice by midnight Sunday night.

Pick up your goodies in Central after 7:15pm Monday evening. You will be emailed the address/directions when you are invoiced. Please bring bags/coolers, etc.!  

Click here if you have questions or comments for Fat Thumb Victuals. Your suggestions and feedback are very welcome!

*Trouble emailing us? If your browser does not allow for popups please copy this address into your email client: fatthumb1@gmail.com.

Soon to come: interactive pdf order form! Please stand by!

Thank you!


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