Thank you to all the fathers who participated. We had a fantastic response with over 250 questionnaires submitted. For anyone who requested study results and updates, information will be available by fall 2011
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Thank you!

~Help us learn more about fathers and babies!~

To be a part of this study you will answer a series of questions in an online or paper questionnaire.  The questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes and you must finish it all in one sitting. Your answers will be submitted anonymously. At completion of the questionnaire you will have the option of entering a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to Target.  You will also be able to view other research opportunities for fathers.

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What's it all about?
The main goal of this study is to gather information about fathers who have babies under one year of age. We want to understand how fathers cope with being the father of a baby, what stresses them out, what they feel good about, what they feel bad about, and how they view their role as a father.  Results from this study will help inform the development of services for fathers.  Fathers are so often left out of research in child development and this study is just one example of a growing recognition of how important fathers are in the lives of their children...especially their babies!

Why do it?
Because your participation is an easy way to contribute to our knowledge about fathers and will help us learn about ways to support fathers.

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