Nelson Hall 4114, Raleigh, NC 27695
Daisoon KimAssistant Professor of EconomicsPoole College of Management North Carolina State University
Research Fields
  • International Economics; Macroeconomics; Industrial Organization

Publication Journal of International Economics, 131, July 2021.
joint with Nuno Coimbra (Banque de France) and Hélène Rey (LBS)Journal of Monetary Economics, 125, January 2022.
Working Papers joint with Mishita Mehra (Grinnell College)– Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
joint with Jay Hyun (HEC Montréal) and Seung-Ryong Shin (KDI)– old version: The Role of Global Connectedness and Market Power in Crises: Firm-level Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic [Draft (December 2020)] / [CEPR's Covid Economics, Issue 49] – Reject & Resubmit, Journal of Operations Management
joint with Anthony Savagar (U of Kent)– old title: Revenue Elasticities and Macroeconomic Dynamics
joint with Nahyeon Bak ( and Mishita Mehra (Grinnell College)
joint with Nahyeon Bak ( substantially updated version is coming soon.

joint with Yoonsoo Lee (Sogang U)
Work in Progress
  • Efficient Parental Leave Policies with Joint Career Concerns
joint with Minchul Yum (U of Mannheim)
    • Emerging Market Portfolio Flows of Large and Small Investors
joint with Jee Won Park (U of Washington)– preliminary draft available upon request
    • Global Financial Cycles: An Experimental Study
joint with Jeongbin Kim (NU of Singapore, Business School)
  • Aggregate Productivity: Does Firm Heterogeneity in Markups and Scale Economies Matter?
joint with Rory Mullen (U of Warwick, Finance)
    • Market Structure, Production Networks, and International Business Cycles
joint with Jay Hyun (HEC Montréal)
  • Returns to Scale and Markups: Micro-level Decomposition Using Administrative Data
joint with Jay Hyun (HEC Montréal), Yoonsoo Lee (Sogang U), and Vladimir Smirnyagin (Yale U)
  • Learning from Consumer Travel Distance: Firm Expansion, Contraction, and Exit
joint with Yoonsoo Lee (Sogang U) and Jeongwon Jang (Sogang U)