Metal Gear Online

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Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistence Online Strategy FAQ

*----------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents--*

1.	Intro / MGO Differences
2.	Version History
3.	Radio Commands
4.	Special Characters
5.	Primary Weapons
6.	Secondary Weapons 
7.	Support Weapons
8.	Support Items
9.	Special Weapons / Items
10.	Animal Rankings
11.	Future Additions
12.	XM16 vs AK vs Scorpion
13.	Contact Info / Special Thanks / Misc

*-------------------------------------------------1. Intro / MGO Differences--*

The reason for this FAQs existence is simple; it is dedicated to the strategy 
for the online portion of Metal Gear Solid 3 (herein referred to as "MGO") and 
strictly that. You won’t find instructions on how to get your PS2 online, you 
wont find answers to your questions about DNAS errors or setting up your MGO 
What you will find is an analysis of the maps (forthcoming), weapons and their
best possible uses and downsides depending on your playstyle. Hopefully you’ll
find this guide objective and informative and if you feel something should be
included then feel free to email me. I’ll be sure to cite your addition to the
guide with the proper credits. 
That being said lets starts the thing.

The differences between offline and online are as follows:

You cannot pause the game even while using the in-game menu
You cannot use the “old style” camera
Tactical reloading (pressing R2 twice quickly) does NOT work
You cannot step on tip-toes (R2 + L2 pressed at the same time)
The only CQC move that works is the throw/slam. However you can drag another 
player if you’ve stunned them.
Both the survival viewer and food menus are not used online

*---------------------------------------------------------2. Version History--*

v0.5 – 4/5/06 	First version
v0.6 - 4/8/06 	Minor updates / corrections
v0.7 - 4/9/06 	Formatting changes / animal rank information added
v0.8 - 4/11/06	Minor additions, XM16 vs AK vs Scorpion mini-faq

*----------------------------------------------------------3. Radio Commands--*

The following are the built-in radio commands used by MGO. Inputting the
shortcut key in lowercase will result in a normal command while inputting the
command in capital letters results in the command being shouted. To use the 
following commands press select once during an online game.
Attack Commands		|	Phrase			|	USB shortcut
Up			|	Go, go, go! /GO		|	/GO
Right			|	The Enemy /ENEMY	|	/EN
Down			|	Cover! /COVER ME	|	/CM	
Left			|	Wait! /HALT  /WAIT	|	/HA /WA
Response Commands	|				|
Up			|	Roger /ROGER		|	/RO
Right			|	Follow me /FOLLOW 	|
			|	/FOLLOW ME		|	/FO /FM
Down			|	Negative /NEGATIVE 	|
			|	/DENIED			|	/NE /DE
Left			|	Clear /CLEAR		|	/CL
Defense Commands	|				|
Up			|	Protect the target 	|
			|	/TARGET 		|	/TA /DE
			|	/DEFEND			|
Right			|	Go together /TOGETHER	|	/TO
Down			|	Fall back! /PULL OUT 	|	/PO /FB
			|	/FALL BACK		|
Left			|	Hide /HIDE		|	/HI
Communications Commands	|				|
Up			|	Sorry /SORRY		|	/SO
Right			|	Good job /GOOD JOB 	|
			|	/NICE JOB		|	/GJ /NJ
Down			|	Good luck /GOOD LUCK	|	/GL
Left			|	Please! /COME ON	|	/CO
Special Commands (note to use these you must either have a USB keyboard,
manually enter the shortcuts with the on-screen keyboard or set the shortcut
commands in the online options for the function keys (F1-F12)

Flank them!			/FLANK				/FL
Someone come here!		/COME HERE			/CH
Hmmm?				/QUESTION			/Q  /QU
Grenade!			/GRENADE			/GR
We're under fire! We don't 					/UF
know where they are!

*------------------------------------------------------4. Special Characters--*
The following are special characters that if enabled by the host allow the 
best player on each team to use a special character with the exception of 
Sokolov. This character is used by the /worst/ player on the team.

Ocelot Unit – Ocelot
Special abilities:

Immune to a single head-shot (the first knocks his hat off his head).
Single Action Army - The shots from the SAA will bounce off most surfaces 
and has an auto-aim ability built into the gun. Meaning if you shoot at a 
wall the bullet will bounce towards another player on it’s own. Note that 
this includes team-mates.
After each reloading of the SAA Ocelot will get faster at reloading. 
While holding the SAA in first-person mode, move the right analog stick in
a circular motion to spin the SAA. If you're close enough to another player 
while spinning the SAA their stamina will drop rapidly.

Ocelot is THE MAN when it comes to picking off snipers or people that run 
around corners. Simply shoot at a wall near where your prey has run off to 
and the bullets will home in on his position. 
“An Ocelot never lets his prey escape”. Heh.

Taunt/Salute: his hand-gesture from the single-player game, mocking Naked 
Snake’s CQC stance


KGB – Sokolov
Special abilities:

Stealth camouflage – when in use your character will become almost totally 
transparent with only a light-green blur to show where your character is;
uses battery power for a total of 30 seconds of stealth while turned on.
The battery will recharge while not in use/equipped. While turned on you
cannot be auto-aimed at.

Taunt/Salute: From the single player game, moves his hands as if he is 
shaping something

Useful for his stealth camouflage but that’s about it. Odds are however 
many kills you get with the aid of the stealth you will not be Sokolov 
in the next round of play.


GRU – Major Raikov
Special abilities:

Immunity to book placements on the ground
Instant Stun – By using a CQC grab Raikov will grab a characters crotch,
instantly knocking them out. For a few moments after using the grab you 
are vulnerable to attack as Raikov takes a moment to “reflect” on what he 
just did.

Taunt/Salute: The same salute as the regular soliders have.

As useful as the instant-stun is its recovery time is a monster. It leaves
you wide open for another player to come along and get a free headshot while
you stand there looking at your hand. Not good. 
His immunity to the books on the other hand is downright godly. A lot of 
players use the books instead of claymores at the top of ladders to kill/stop
the person climbing and give them a heads up that someone is there. With 
Raikov you can walk right over them without even blinking. Very useful.


N/A – Reiko / Rowdy Reiko (characters from Rumble Roses)
Special abilities:
Sunrise Suplex – Similar to the stun used by Raikov but without that nasty 
recovery time, also instantly knocks an opponent out (stuns).

Taunt/Salute: Reiko rubs her butt while Rowdy Reiko squats down on her knees.

Notes: While their sunrise suplex is more useful as a stun than Raikov’s 
their clothes make them stick out like sore thumbs on most maps. Useful for
players that like to stun/headshot or stun/knife stab their opponents.


N/A – Naked Snake (used only on Sneaking missions)
Special abilities:
Variable health – depending on the number of players in a sneaking game,
Snake gets a percentage boost to his health and stamina levels. This is what
makes the 7v1 Sneaking missions fair; Snake turns into buffed-up killing 
Stealth/Normal camouflage – Snake has the ability to use both the stealth 
used by Sokolov and a limited number of camouflages from the single player
game (Tiger stripe, Choco Chip and Splitter). While using a normal camo
that properly matches the level you’re on, Snake becomes almost totally
transparent while lying prone on the ground. This also prevents a player
from using auto-aim on you (both stealth and normal camo).

Taunt/Salute: Smokes his cigar.

None at this time

*---------------------------------------------------------5. Primary Weapons--*
Format used as follows;
Clip size / total ammo amount:

N: Scorpion – light machine gun
U: Close to mid-range, iffy at long ranges
P: Accurate thanks to attached laser sight, decent sized ammo capacity and
firing rate
C: Not much stopping power. Takes several (non head) shots to kill.
A: 30/151

N: XM16E1 – assault rifle
U: Medium to long range, decent usage in close range
P: Most accurate of the assault rifles, can be equipped with a silencer for 
decreased recoil/increased accuracy
C: Smallest clip size of the assault rifles, slightly weaker than AK-47
A: 20/101

N: AK-47 – assault rifle
U: Medium to long range, good usage close range
P: Strongest and largest clip of the assault rifles
C: Harder to aim with the iron sights, lower accuracy than XM16E1. Cannot 
be silenced.
A: 30/151

N: M37 – Shotgun
U: Close to medium, horrible beyond medium range
P: Packs the biggest per-shot punch of all weapons. Knocks enemy down at 
very close range
C: Only 4 shots per clip. Horrible at anything beyond medium range
A: 4/21

N: Dragunov Sniper Rifle (SVD) – sniper rifle
U: Long range
P: Amazing stopping power per bullet, zoomable scope
C: Almost useless at mid and close range
A: 10/41

N: Mosin Nagant – tranquilizer sniper rifle
U: Long range
P: Instant stun with a headshot
C: Unable to kill due to tranquilizer ammo
A: 5/21


*-------------------------------------------------------6. Secondary Weapons--*

N: MK-22 Hush Puppy – tranquilizer pistol
U: Close to mid range, some usage long range (skill dependant)
P: More portable/useful tranquilizer gun than the Mosin Nagant as it doesn’t 
force you into FPV. Can be silenced for stealthy takedowns. CQC compatible
C: Cannot kill with MK-22, several shots required for stun, has to be 
reloaded/readied after every shot.
A: 8/33

N: M1911A1 - .45 caliber pistol
U: Close to mid range, some usage long range (skill dependant)
P: Can be silenced, good “finisher” when you’ve run out of ammo on your 
main  weapon and your target has a small amount of health left. CQC 
C: No zoom from using the iron sights, takes two headshots to kill
A: 7/36

N: Knife – special forces survival knife
U: Close range only
P: Instant kill with stab (press firmly down on square to stab). 
C: Must be within close range of the target to use
A: N/A

*--------------------------------------------------------7. Support  Weapons--*

N: Grenade – explosive
U: close to long range (tap for a short throw, lightly press for a medium 
throw, press HARD for a longer throw)
P: Takes out half an enemies life if it detonates near them, knocks them down
C: Can damage you if not thrown far enough away, somewhat hard to aim 
A: 5

N: WP Grenades – white phosphorous grenade
U: close to long range (tap for a short throw, lightly press for a medium 
throw, press HARD for a longer throw)
P: Takes out a fourth of an enemies life, sets them on fire for ROT (rate
over time) damage until they put the fire
C: Not as much damage as a normal grenade, can set you on fire if thrown 
incorrectly, somewhat hard to aim correctly
A: 5

N: Stun Grenade – flash-bang grenade
U: U: close to long range (tap for a short throw, lightly press for a 
medium throw, press HARD for a longer throw)
P: Only support weapon that lowers stamina instead of health, blinds 
soliders looking at the blast area for a few seconds (dependant on distance
from blast and line of sight). Capable of stunning a player
C: Does no damage, thrown incorrectly can cause you to blind yourself
A: 5

N: Chaff Grenades – electronic disruption grenade
U: close to long range (tap for a short throw, lightly press for a medium 
throw, press HARD for a longer throw)
P: Disables radar, radios and all electronic equipment (stealth camouflage
is unaffected)
C: Also disables yours, does no health/stamina damage.
A: 1

N: Smoke Grenades – diversionary grenade
U: close to long range (tap for a short throw, lightly press for a medium 
throw, press HARD for a longer throw)
P: Creates a large cloud of smoke that you cannot see through, prevents 
auto-aim through and inside of the cloud. 
Chokes those inside of the cloud (? Unconfirmed ?)
C: Also affects your auto aim, hard to see through the cloud
A: 1

N: Magazine – porno magazine
U: Place on ground similar to the claymore, anyone who steps on/near it is
captivated by the b00bies.
P: Stops most anyone in their tracks while they oogle over the magazine. 
Makes hearts float above the players head 
that is under its effects.
C: Doesn’t work on Raikov as he’s gay (don’t send hate email my way, it
says as much in the single player game he’s gay!), disappears after a 
short amount of time
A: 3

N: Claymore – ground based mine
U: Place on ground similar to the magazine. While placing red lines appear
from the front of the claymore, showing the trigger radius. Hold down the
placement button (Square) and use the analog sticks to fine-tune placement
P: Place and for the most part forget, stays for the ENTIRE duration of 
the round until someone runs through its trigger radius.
C: Works on you, your team-mates and the enemy; in short everyone. Even 
if friendly fire is turned off your teammates will set off the claymore, 
causing you to waste one of the three you start with.
A: 3

*----------------------------------------------------------8. Support  Items--*

N: The Box – the ultimate end all-be all item
U: highlight the box in your equipment list and you put it on. 
P: What CAN’T this thing do!? You can use it to walk faster up hills and
stairs, walk around at a lower height (great for avoiding snipers on 
C.U.S.), makes stun grenades worthless, puts out your fire when you put 
it on, and even prevents someone from auto-aiming you while you’re inside
of the box. It also lets you walk past/through magazines on the ground without
being affected. In short it’s the ultimate item. You could also hide in it to
throw off the enemy I guess… 
C: Um… you can’t shoot while inside of it? Limited field of view in FPV
A: Unlimited uses

N: Monitor – security camera direct feed
U: Used through L2, changes player viewpoint to that of a security camera
P: Able to safely survey areas before going into them, can see ghosts 
(guess that’s a pro)
C: A light on the security camera (not the viewer you use) flashes while 
someone is using it that anyone can see, cameras can be shot-out causing 
the viewer to just display static.
A: Runs off batteries, average of one minute use

N: Map – tactical area map
U: Used through L2, displays a map in the top-right corner (replaces 
radar) that shows the location of your teammates in relation to the level
P: Useful for getting the heck out of the area when you’ve been blinded
by a stun grenade. Shows the locations (by a large white X) of special
weapon/item spawns
C: Disables radar. 
A: Unlimited use

N: Scope – tactical binoculars
U: Used through L2. While using press Triangle to zoom in, Square to 
zoom out.
P: Good for area surveillance, calling out enemy locations to snipers
on your team. Also useful for sniping longer ranges with the assault 
rifles as the player name pop-up doesn’t work past a certain distance
from the player.
C: Forces you into FPV when using it
A: Unlimited

N: Sonar – echo-location tool
U: Press down on the L3 button to send out a sonar “ping”. 
P: Unlike single player, shows the location of ALL players (including
Snake) regardless of if they are moving or not, works against players
using stealth camouflage.
C: Replaces your radar while equipped preventing you from knowing 
which “blips” are your teammates and which are the enemy. Limited 
usage before recharge is required.
A: Two uses before requiring recharge time

*--------------------------------------------------9.Special Weapons / Items--*

The below items and weapons can only be found on the maps themselves 
(with the exception of the SAA and Stealth). You cannot start with these 
items (again with the exception of the SAA and Stealth Camouflage)


N: Flame Thrower
U: Scroll through your weapon list after picking up and equip to use.
P: UNLIMITED AMMO. Only a few seconds of exposure required to kill an 
enemy. Even if they run out of your range they remain on fire until 
extinguished. Brutal in Rescue games and in P.B.P. due to the small 
space of the lower hallway.
C: Severely limited range, unable to move while firing
A: Unlimited. But remember; You are NOT the Fury. (thanks VGCats for 
that little quote)

N: M63 – high capacity heavy machinegun
U: Scroll through your weapon list after picking up and equip to use.
P: High rate of fire and damage. Downright massive ammo capacity and 
damage per bullet.
C: Unable to use iron sights for the M63, character literally screams 
while firing the M63 giving away your location to anyone within earshot.
Somewhat long reload time.
A: 100/401

N: RPG-7 – rocket propelled grenade launcher
U: Scroll through your weapon list after picking up and equip to use.
P: Massive damage per shot. One shot will take out half a players 
health if they are caught in the blast of the RPG round. Slight sniper
capability with use of it’s scope. Acts like just a normal grenade but
fired from a gun. 
Unlimited range?
C: Forced into FPV when equipped, somewhat long reload time. Can hurt 
you just as badly if your target is too close.
A: 1/15

N: SAA – Colt Peacemaker Single Action Army
U: Special weapon specifically for Ocelot. Found on the weapon select 
screen while playing as Ocelot (found between the MK-22 and the M1911A1)
If selected starts the game with this weapon. 
P: The shots from the SAA will bounce off most surfaces and has an 
auto-aim ability built into the gun. Meaning if you shoot at a wall the
bullet will bounce towards another player on it’s own. Note that this 
includes team-mates. 
After each reloading of the SAA Ocelot will get faster at reloading it,
seems to go for headshots on the ricochets more than body shots.
C: Reload time can be a bit long at first putting you in danger while 
using it,. can’t move while reloading or firing the SAA. Ocelot also says
his whole “It’s a revolution!” spiel while reloading giving away your 
position to other players. 
A: 6/30


N: Thermal Goggles – thermographic detection goggles
U: Scroll through your item list after picking up and equip to use.
P: Enables you to see characters that are otherwise hidden with stealth 
camo. Also shows Snake while he’s using the normal camo and prone on 
the ground. Can also see ghosts while wearing.
C: battery powered. On rescue maps where players become ghosts after 
dying the possibility for confusing a ghost for a live player exists,
and visa versa. Stun grenades white-out the screen blinding you for 
even longer, even if you remove the goggles. Not of much use on some 
levels with a high level of background heat (for example mountaintop)
A: Battery powered, around 30 seconds of use before needing recharge

N: Stealth Camouflage – Light refracting stealth-generator
U: Snake and Sokolov only; scroll through item list to equip and use
P: Makes you almost impossible to see by bending the light around the
wearer, disables auto-aiming while on and powered up. More effective 
on some levels than others (grassy areas are better due to the high 
amount of background “green”)
C: Battery powered, doesn’t make you completely invisible. Sharp 
players will look for the tell-tale green “blob” that marks a player 
using stealth camo, doesn’t hide the sound of your footsteps. Players 
using stealth camo tend to stick out on more urban levels.
A: battery powered, about 30 seconds of constant use before a recharge
is needed. 

N: Naked Snake’s Camouflage – collection of uniform patterns.
U: Snake starts with this item on Sneaking missions. While the item is 
highlighted on your item viewer, press the Circle button to change 
between the three available types (Tiger stripe, Choco Chip and Splitter)
P: If matched correctly with the terrain while lying prone on the 
ground Snake becomes almost totally transparent. No green hue either, 
and disables auto-aim for other players trying to target you while 
transparent on the ground.
C: Can take a few seconds to set the correct camouflage for the 
terrain. That’s about it.
A: Unlimited	


*--------------------------------------------------------10. Animal Rankings--*

Thanks to information found at a (*)Japanese wiki site the following
requirements have been found for the special titles and their order ranking.
Note that F.H. through PGE are considered "Soldier" ranks while TAR through CHI
are "Special" ranks outside of the ranking scheme. A huge thanks goes out to
ReversedKnight for translation of the original Japanese:


Each animal represents a certain play style. For example, chicken shows 

Foxhound and Fox ranks take 15 hours of play time, Doberman and Hound ranks
take 10 hours of play time, Crocodile, Eagle, Scorpion, Jaws, Kerotan (and two
others) take 5 hours of play time, all others take 3 hours of play time.


Req.1 The number of total team victories divided by (the number of total 
capture rounds + total rescue rounds + total team deathmatch rounds) = 0.65 
or above
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.5 or above
Req. 3 (Total amount of sneaking mission rounds you stayed alive + total amount
of rescue rounds you stayed alive) rounds divided by the total rounds = 
0.65 or above
Req. 4 You have to be ranked in the top 30 score ranking in 1 type of game 
(sne,cap,etc.) or ranked in the top 30 total score ranking


Req. 1 The total number of team (CAP, RES, TDM) victories divided by (total 
number of capture rounds + total rescue rounds + total team deathmatch rounds)
= 0.625 or above
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.45 or above
Req. 3 (Total amount of sneaking mission victories + total amount of rescue
victories) divided by (total amount of sneaking missions you stayed alive +
total amount of rescue rounds you stayed alive) = 0.5 or above
Req. 4 You have to be ranked in the top 200 score ranking in 1 type of game 
(sne,cap,etc.) or ranked in the top 200 total score ranking


Req. 1 (The total number of team (CAP, RES, TDM) victories divided by (total 
number of capture rounds + total rescue rounds + total team deathmatch rounds) 
= 0.6 or above
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.4 or above


Req. 1 (The total number of team (CAP, RES, TDM) victories divided by (total 
number of capture rounds + total rescue rounds + total team deathmatch rounds) 
= 0.55 or above
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.3 or above


Req. 1 (Total kills + total syuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.5 or above


Req. 1 Head shot ratio ratio of 30% or more
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.3 or above


Req. 1 kill ratio with Scorpion 50% or more
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.25 or above


Req. 1 kill ratio with Knife 7.5% or more
Req. 2 (Total kills + total stuns against enemy) divided by or (total deaths +
total stuns) = 1.25 or above


Req. 1 Survival ratio in sneaking mission and rescue of 50% or more
Req. 2 Use the cardboard box a bunch (maybe deals with amount of time in box,
or stun evades using box??)
Req. 3 In the event of choosing between CHA and PGE, CHA comes first.


Req. 1 (The amount of kills in capture) divided by (the amount of stuns you
have in rescue) = 0.5 or below (Really unsure about this one.)
Req. 2 Capture play time + rescue mission play time = 2 hours or more
Req. 3 In the event of choosing between CHA and PGE, CHA comes first.


Req. (Total team kills + total team stuns) divided by (total amount of kills +
total amount of stuns against enemy) = 0.05 or above (UNSURE)


Req. 1 (Total number of rolls) divided by (amount of total rounds played) = 10
or above


Req. 1 (Total play time of sneaking mission) divided by (total play time) = .75
or above


Req. 1 (Total play time of capture) divided by (total play time) = .75 or above


Req. 1 (The amount of headshots you have received) divided by (total amount of
deaths you have received) = .35 or more


Req. 1 (Total amount of thermal goggle use) divided by (total play time) = .05
or above


Req. 1 (Total amount of food eaten) divided by (total amount of rounds played)
= 3 or above


Req. 1 Do not log in for 30 days


Req. 1 (Total kills) divided by (total rounds) = 0.3 or below
Req. 2 (Total stuns against enemy) divided by (total rounds) = 0.3 or below
Req. 3 (Total stuns) divided by (total rounds) = 0.5 or below
Req. 4 (Total deaths) divided by (total rounds) = 0.5 or below


*-------------------------------------------------------11. Future Additions--*

When time permits I’ll be adding usage strategies for all the weapons 
(primary, secondary and support) map analysis and any reader submissions 
that make their way to my inbox

*-------------------------------------------------12. XM16 vs AK vs Scorpion--*

Ok. In another topic I saw some people mention that, at the very least, the AK
and XM did the same amount of damage. Possibly, the Scorp did as much as well.

Thanks to me and Sensuifu, we've determined that, at least as far as online
play goes, is a load of bull.

Also, thank Kojiro_Musashi. I forgot to write which did which when it came to
testing the leg shots during opposite teams, so I had to redo to make sure it
was accurate. Also, we found out about the "stun" animation that happens when
you full auto.

First Test:

Both of us on the same Team


XM16- Second Strongest

First thing to note. 

1)Arms and Legs take the same damage. So a shot in the arm = a shot in the leg,
damage wise

2) The torso and the chest take the same amount of damage. However, if you
shoot the torso, at least from the front (didn't try the sides) you'll disable
the persons radio (granted, at certain angles, although once hitting the guy in
the chest killed the radio as well.)

3) Neck shots count as Torso/Chest damage.

4) There was no damage difference between the XM with and without the silencer.
This means that the XM is as powerful with the silencer, as it is without.

5) Just to make sure, I tested distance and damage as well. We tested
everything from about 2 feet away (relative to the MGO map of course.) However,
even with the Scorpion from a distance of about 1/4 the length of the left side
of blues starting point on brown town (where snipers are often hiding behind
cars) there was no difference in damage, considering the scorpion is the
weakest and therefore should have been affected the most by a distance damage
penalty, if any.


Team damage report (keep in mind, friendly fire is reduced to half its original

XM16- 17 shots to the leg/arm
...........8 shots to the chest/torso

AK- 14 shots to the leg/arm
.......7 shots to the chest/torso/neck

Scorp- 23 to the arm/legs
...........11 to the chest/torso

Things to note during this trial

With the XM, it almost looked as if it was going to take 9 shots to the chest
in order to finish the person off. However with the AK, 6 shots almost did the
job. So even though they're only 1 shot off from the body, the AK still did
noticeably more damage than the XM.

Test Number 2, Different teams (no damage reduction, duh!)

This is where its interesting.

Ak - 7 to the leg/arm, about 14% each hit
.......4 body shots. about 28% each hit

3 body shots and 1 arm to kill

XM16: 8 leg shots with and w/o silencer. Its safe to say that each shot takes
off 12.5% of your health
...........4 body shots. Each took exactly 25%

3 body shots and 2 arm/leg to kill

Scorp: 11 leg/arm shots, about 9%
............6 shots, between 15% and 15.8%

Ok. The XM16 Percentages are accurate. The AK and the Scorp are rounded a bit,
because I can only guess just how much of the bar=X%. But the AK is fairly
Accurate, and the Scorpion is going to be the least accurate, since its
furthest from the easiest points to read, I.E intervals of 12.5%.

So as far as damage is concerned, the AK does do a significant amount of damage
compared to the XM. However, not enough damage to make it one less shot as far
as body shots go. So either way, 4 body shots= death from either the AK or the XM

However, this would only be the case if you managed to get 4 body shots while
Auto Aiming. This would only happen if the guy was standing still. So this does
not mean that the AK=XM in terms of power. If someone is moving around and you
happen to get only 3 body shots... with the Ask it will take 1 shot to the
arm/leg, while it will take two shots to the arm/leg with the XM16. This one
shot can mean life or death when it comes down to a firefight between two
people. Granted, its also based on luck as well, because maybe you'll miss the
body and only hit the arm a few times by the time someone else gets you in the
body 3 times and twice in the Arm with an XM16. And vice versa.

Another thing to consider, while in going full auto it took 9 shots to Koji's
body in order to kill him, with the XM16. Same thing happened with the AK. Give
or take a few bullets (sometimes I counted 10 or 11.) What does this mean? It
means, Full Auto REALLY IS spray and pray. 

Took 13 shots with the scorpion doing the above.

For anyone who thinks at this point that there’s some kind of damage penalty
for using full auto, guess what? You're wrong


however, what it does mean is that not every bullet registers. There is SOME
kind of "stun" animation, in which a bullet or two does not register. So of you
were to just hold the shooting button while prone (so that there was no
accuracy loss, just to make sure a bullet here or there didn't hit the arm
instead) it would take more time/bullets to kill a person than it would be to
take it one shot at a time. 

So there is no doubt that Bursting is better than Full Auto. Koji and I went
full auto vs. manual burst. The only times Full Auto won was when the bursting
lost its lock. However when it came to both of us keeping the lock, most of the
time the one bursting came out with between 25-60% of their health intact
(considering sometimes lost of the auto aim lock result in the guy going full
auto to hit a few more times. or a bullet hit the arm instead of the body)


AK does INDEED do more damage than the XM. However which one wins is HIGHLY
dependant on luck. Obviously the XM is more accurate, however since we just
learned that we don't ever want to shoot more than 2 or 3 bullets at a time,
the AK is still a good choice since you won't really loose to much accuracy
within 3 bullets. However at a distance, the AK is more likely to hit the arm
or miss completely than the XM16 is when two are moving and shooting. Always
take that into consideration.

Distance is a double edged factor here. Because at a distance, the XM16 is more
likely to hit the body and arms consistently, and more likely to hit the body
overall. While the AK is less likely to hit the body, more likely to hit the
arms or miss completely. However, as I said before, luck plays a big factor.
And if you burst the AK, you generally don't lose any accuracy.

Close ranged, both require 4 body hits in order to kill. Since the XM has
better accuracy, one would ASSUME that since its less likely for the XM to miss
the body, it would win. However, when you have two people moving around each
other, both are just as likely to miss as hit. So Accuracy isn't the main
factor her, its skill in dodging as well as luck and clip size. And since
distance creates no damage reduction, close ranged is really just a matter of
who's more accurate while you're dancing around each other

So IMO its a matter of preference. We still have to consider that the AK has a
larger clip. This alone is a big advantage over the XM, especially at a closer
range. Since usually the Auto Aim lock screws up when you're close. (Koji
figured out that if you move at certain angles, your Auto Aim moves slightly
off at an angle... creating a window that ranged from 1-2 seconds where you
were "locked on" but not aiming at them... which is bad) However... once again
its mainly skill/luck that will determine who wins. If the XM user just burst
randomly then yes, he'll run out of bullets.

Still, a larger clip will always be a bonus of some sort. Keep this into
consideration as well.

As for sniping, my preference is the XM16 still. Now that we know that the
silencer does not reduce the damage, there is no reason to NOT want a silencer
if you plan on sniping more than being up close. And the sights are also a
matter of preference.

However if you choose to get up close to the enemy, the AK MAY BE better suited
for you. First off, if you DO miss a few times, you'll still have plenty of
ammo, where as with the XM you'll be kind screwed unless the other guy runs out
as well.

But in the end, if you're good with your weapon, then that’s all you need.

Ah and the scorpion? Well I didn't do as much testing with this, but it IS very
accurate. 6 shots will kill you, and its more likely to hit you in the body
than any of the other weapons. But once again... luck, and skill in dodging.

Final Verdict:

Yes, AK DOES do more damage than the XM.

You cannot say one is better than the other, both have different advantages and
disadvantages that compliment each other.

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