Joy Interrupted: An Anthology of Motherhood and Loss

Coming soon in October 2012:

Over fifty artists and authors from three continents have contributed their work to this anthology.  Many of them chronicle heart-wrenching losses as mothers, while others explore inspirational aspects of overcoming grief in light of personal loss.  This subject has not been dealt with in many books, so this anthology is especially important for readers interested in the topic of motherhood and loss. 

List of Contributors:
Merrill Edlund 
Aliki Economides 
Monika Pant 
Grace Benedict 
Chris Reid 
Paul Salvette
Terri Elders
Liz Dolan
Mark Moore
Lottie Cellini-Corley
Thomas Gibbs
Sandra Kolankiewicz
Megan Moore
Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier
Anna Steen
Katie Arosteguy
Kim Hensley Owens
Cara S. Klempner (Sophia)
Chinenye I. Okparanta
Nina Bennett
Robyn Parnell
Joanne L. Detore
Svetlana Bochman
Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow
Margaret Kramar
Carol Alexander
Olivia Good
Valean Iolanda
Kristin Anderson
Lisa Wendell
Janeen McGuire Nelson
Anindita Chatterjee
Jenn Williamson
Rebecca Manning
Oludolapo Ojediran
Pooja Sachdeva
Nancy Arroyo Ruffin
Ruth Krongold
Gabriella Burman
Madeline Summers
Sheila Hageman
Karen Lockett Warinsky
Jennifer Molidor
Trangđài Glassey-Trầnguyễn
Jemila Modesti
Alan Nolan
Jessica Karbowiak
Ann Mathew
Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro
Mathel Lazo-Flores
Deborah Finkelstein
Ivan Jim Layugan
Ione Citrin
Lori Lamothe
Melinda Miles Guillory
Mary O'Neil
Emily Polk
Michèle AimPée Parent

About the editor:

Melissa Miles McCarter is the editor of the anthology for Fat Daddy's Farm Press.  In 2003, she lost her infant daughter to SIDS.  As a writer herself, she decided to compile artwork and writing related to the subject of motherhood and loss--a subject dear to her heart.

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