D.T.L Mini

Dollar Ten Launcher Mini 


Medium pill bottle

BBQ Lighter

Hot glue 

And some wire 

 This particular Mini Which is just a basic overhaul of my very old models. 

 On the back of the cannon there is a 1/2 in spike.








As i button i used a dime mainly because it was cheap and it looks better than a penny.

I'm using Lady Finger Firecrackers as my main source of ammo i can shoot about 80 feet and scare cats away Lol.









Do i really need a video ...... NOPE.

Any ways about 2 years ago my neighbor got me into mini spud guns, and we use to have ways well this is my improved design our old ones could only fire about 30 feet, Well I've gotten my 

 Small-Cannons        50  -70 ft

Medium-Cannons        80-95 ft  


    120-160 ft