My real-life alter ego works in the software industry, has a beautiful wife, two great kids and a dog.

We both like the same things but when it comes, after hard day of work, his time to get rest I take over the control and do some fun stuff. These include playing chess or Shogi over the net, watching movies, reading books. He is always puzzled why he is so tired after awaking  :-)

Anyway, this site is about me and things I like and I do (I hope my double doesn't see this!).

Please, visit Projects page to see what I am up to recently. I am lately particularly focused on Shogi Tools projects, where I try documenting shogi community standards for storing, representing, transmitting shogi-related data (games, tsume, etc.) and building tools to translate between the formats.

The goods page contains some files I think some people could find useful. You will find there, for example, a collection of almost 300 Tsume Shogi problems with answers and more.