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Life is like a hamburger on our gas station - never know what you gonna get.

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If you have any comments, suggestions, request or bug report, please use the guestbook. I'd really appreciate it.

My Guestbook

My real-life alter ego works in the software industry, has a beautiful wife, two great kids and a dog.


We both like the same things but when it comes, after hard day of work, he's time to get rest I take over the control and do some fun stuff. These include playing chess or shogi over the net, watching movies, reading books. He is always puzzled why he is so tired :-)

Anyway, this site is about me and things I like and I do (I hope my double doesn't see this!).

Shogi Tools project 

Recently I undertook the task of writing some shogi software (and getting some information about shogi software standards in the way). The record of my struggle is mantained in this blog. Some pieces of the software are tested on www.myjavaserver.com, like this SFEN->Diagram converter. I decided to manage an entry point site for my MJS works. You can find some info about software you can use there and a site map.