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Producing music and spoken word at Green Chair Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

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 listen to our audiobook demos and find out how Fat Antelope Audio can take your publication and turn it into an audio experience people will pay to hear.


Listen to Scott's music composition from the Telly Award winning "Apache Up" video.  This was a commissioned project from Boeing for the AH-46 Apache Helicopter promo.  Co-produced by Scott with Tony Mora at Downtown Battery.  Go to the Music Page to hear it.

We are expanding the studio!  Thats right, a really, really quiet vocal booth is in the works.  To record voice talent for an audiobook you have to have almost no noise pollution on the vocal tracks.  Editing can only cure so many barking dogs and car horns. 

Trivia: Do you know the first artist to incorporate a barking dog when it accidentally got itself on a track.  The artist decided to leave it there.  Who was the artist and when was the last time an accidental barking dog left on a track was cool. (Hint-The answer is the same for both.)

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Listen to some music and find out how the boys at  Fat Antelope Audio can compose, write and record for your next project.