2014/2015 Membership, Fees, and Registration

 FAST Sailing Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose operational budget relies completely upon its members’ financial commitment to the program. Professional coaching staff and a low sailor to coach ratio are the critical factors in ensuring a safe, successful learning environment, and these two factors drive the cost of our programs.  By having parents volunteer for most of the administrative and logistical tasks associated with running the program, we are able to provide coaching excellence while keeping the costs of our program as low as possible. 

Downloadable Liability Waiver forms found at the bottom of this page.


Annual Membership Fee   The membership fee will be used to help cover ongoing overhead expenses of the organization, primarily coach boat maintenance, storage, and insurance costs. Surplus funds will be saved for asset upgrades and replacements.



 $50 for the second family member; third and beyond are free; for green-fleet sailors, membership is optional.

Regatta Coaching Fees  vary from event to event.  We try to keep fees at cost, which varies depending on proximity of regatta, ability to use our own coach boat assets, number of sailors on our team competing, and a number of other factors. 

If, after registration, a sailor wants to add days to his or her contract, he/she may do so, if there is space available on the desired day.   

Refunds or changes to a sailor’s schedule will be granted only under extenuating circumstances and the changes must be approved in writing, in advance, by the FAST Class Coordinator. If, at the last minute, your sailor is unable to attend a practice/regatta please notify the practice coordinator by cell phone.

FAST reserves the right to cancel a practice for any reason and in this case will notify families and credit their accounts for the missed practice.

Upon returning a FAST Contract with payment, the following conditions apply:

  • FAST Team slots are awarded largely based on the commitment of sailor and parent.
  • For each season’s contract there will be designated number of “minimum days” a sailor must register, pay for, and attend.
  • Acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • FAST reserves the right to accept or decline contracts for any reason
  • There are no refunds or changes in a sailor’s schedule unless granted in writing, in advance, by the FAST Class Coordinator.
  • All parents are expected to contribute equally towards the volunteer duties required to organize and run practices and regattas. Please see our “Parent Responsibilities Policy,” Handbook page 13.
  • Sailors are to be registered at all regattas attended with FAST as “FAST” or a combination of “Home Club/FAST” (e.g. “CYC/FAST”).

FAST Sailing Foundation, Inc. is committed to ensuring that all of its rights, privileges, programs and activities are accessible to all participants. FAST does not discriminate against applicants, sailors, or coaches on the basis of race, gender, national or ethnic origin, or religion.

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