My name is Karla Hargrave and I have ten years of fast-pitch pitching experience and seventeen years of softball experience.  I have been a pitching instructor for almost four years.  I have worked with pitchers at most levels; from beginners to college age students.  I am a lefty (both in hitting and throwing) but have worked with both right and left-handed players throughout the years.  I am a 2008 graduate of Wesleyan University in CT where I was a four year starter on the varsity team. 
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I moved to Berkeley, CA from Brookfield, CT in March 2009 to pursue a career in art and theater design.  Go to www.karlahargrave.com to view my artwork.

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I want to see my favorite sport grow and I want to be a part of it.  I am passionate about softball and I want to help others improve their softball skills (pitching, fielding, hitting).
  Although I am primarily a pitcher, I have also hit and played in the outfield as well as at first base for many years.  I am a believer of cross-training and found my interest in swimming, running, bicycling, and basketball essential to my success as a pitcher and an athlete.


I begin by assessing where the student is in terms of experience and skill.  From there I conduct my lessons by going through a wide variety of drills that always focus on the mechanics of pitching.  Through repetition and practice, we will work together to make the pitcher more accurate, more versatile, and faster.

Once the pitcher is experienced enough I will teach them different pitches as well as the game strategies behind each.  I also stress the importance of endurance and the simulation of live pitching.  I also will work with the student on the mental aspects of the game that are important both on and off the field.  I believe that anyone can learn to pitch but only with dedication and practice can the pitcher improve into a star player.


I conduct
private lessons (1 person), semi-private lessons (2 people), group lessons (3-4 people), and clinics (5+ people).  I always consider the first lesson a "trial" lesson and it is half-price.  You can purchase one lesson at a time or a 10 lesson package (for the price of 9).  Cancellations will only be due to weather (rain) or emergencies.  I accept cash or check for both single and package lessons.

I give my lessons primarily on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) although I can arrange easily weekday lessons if you are close to Berkeley or are willing to drive.  Much of the scheduling depends on availability and interest but I will always try my best to work with the student's schedule.

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