Software Development is for IT experts

The design of application has to be done by IT experts who are familiar with programming concepts. That's not right!
Thanks to the new FAST Platform, you are able to create our own application within minutes by following the enterprise mashup principle.

Yes, you can! 

Enterprise Mashups 

The FAST Platform allows you:
  • to design an enterprise-class application within minutes instead of hours or even days
  • to create your own application by reusing existing building blocks in a similar way to the LEGO approach
  • to compose company internal and external resources with each other
  • to publish the small applications on various environments such as iGoogle, Netvibes, Facebook, EzWeb, iPhone, etc.
You don´t believe it! Please join the FAST evaluation contest where you will learn more about the innovative enterprise mashup concept. You will create an application for a Business-to-Business (B2B) scenario combining information sources from a SAP backend system with information sources from the Internet.

What do I need and how long will it take? 

You don´t have to install a software application and no programming experiences are required. Please just start your firefox browser and take a look at the instruction. In addition, you find on the right side a short video demonstrating the capabiliteis of the FAST platform.

     >>>>>>>  LET THE MASHUP GAME BEGIN!  <<<<<<<


In case you have any questions or problems please don´t hesitate to contact us (volker.hoyer@sap.com).

FAST Video - Part I

FAST Video - Part II


  • Evaluation is online The evaluation is online and open.
    Posted 2 Oct 2009, 10:31 by Volker Hoyer-Fredrich
  • Pre-Test The pre-test of the enterprise mashup contest will start on Monday, 28th September.
    Posted 24 Sep 2009, 08:10 by Volker Hoyer-Fredrich
  • Web site is online! The official Web site of the Enterprise Mashup Contest organized in the course of the EU funded research project FAST is online.
    Posted 24 Sep 2009, 08:09 by Volker Hoyer-Fredrich
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