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So, how many you know ways of earning money on the Internet? 3? 10?
Let's make the brief review:

So, it is possible:

  1. 1. To organize direct sales of production through the Internet;
  2. 2. To organize direct sales of ANOTHER'S production through the Internet (the Vivid example, the company which has started to sell books of various publishing houses (that is not production), and now sells cartridges, musical disks, gifts, etc. Other example: the well-known company in America, selling from the site gift bouquets of colors(flowers) directly with delivery
  3. To create a site on which there are conditions for the conclusion of transactions between buyers and sellers. Thus the form of sales can be various, including in the form of auction. Examples:,
  4. To place the advertising on someone's untwisted site and to receive due to it(this) new clients; (Many companies become clients of sites of portal type with search machines(cars): for example,,, and set of others)
  5. To create the site with the attractive concept providing high attendance and to take money for accommodation on it(him) of another's advertising (banners, links); the Example: Dimy Verner's site where visitors not only read, but also it is independent and without that a huge collection of jokes, ridiculous histories, aphorisms and caricatures.
  6. To buy (cheaply) and to sell () names of sites (It is very interesting business. For example, the name, got in due time the provident businessman for 35 dollars a year, has been sold on auction of names (Domain names) for 3 million dollars.
  7. To take money for creation and service of sites; (It in what everyone dreams to be engaged webmaster Only it is not necessary to forget, that search client -it too business and if you are not able to do(make) it(this) orders for you from the sky will not fall down. About your business qualities it becomes known only after you will create some good sites and your customers will result(bring) to you new customers. This kind advertise -name it(him) somehow: " on acquaintance ", " under the recommendation " or somehow differently, reminds system of network marketing when one client conducts to you other client, and after it(he) liked the site made by you, in turn will recommend to you still another. Do not neglect this opportunity. So work both beginning web designer and large agencies).
  8. To take money for maintenance of attendance on a site of the client interested in it(this); (it is natural, that the client owning the site, interests, that on its(his) site the REAL buyers, capable to pay the goods chosen by them or service came. However demand, as is known, gives rise offer -there were companies which began to provide EXAGGERATED attendance, involving to it(this) of the people even not not having the credit cards and living in the countries where post delivery of a product advertised(promoted) on a site is impossible. The intermediary companies concern to this category, paying viewing of advertising of the customers, that is so-called web surf Though someone also managed to these(it,this) to be earned, but at this business constructed on, we shall tell so, easy(light) fraud there is no big opertunaties -what company-customer will pay the companies-intermediaries for EXAGGERATED attendance? More often services of such intermediaries connecting thousand and thousand of Internet users in Russia, in Ukraine, Belarus, etc. the countries to web surfing the companies are, wishing to start up to the potential buyer of the actions(shares) or the service a dust in eyes. As a rule, having achieved the, they simply refuse services of the network "". For the same reason they at any moment can cease to pay for you work which, as a rule, nobody brings real advantage(benefit).
  9. To take money for a hosting on the server; (this business is enough demanding the expensive equipment and high qualification of the attendants. It is possible to become, by the way, the agent on resale of a hosting, buying it(him) by the gross and selling at retail.
  10. To have the site and to give paid consultations on different questions (If you are ready to be engaged in it(this) or already be engaged, means you are a highly skilled expert in the area. Send us the Ñ-mail and describe area in which you are the expert. We are ready to place free of charge your advertising with us in magazine.
  11. To create club on interests and to enable people to communicate. (as a result you or receive from them a membership dues, or attendance which they create, inviting the friends to take advantage of this opportunity);
  12. And so on... The List far is not full, truly? Join, misters. Send the variants of earnings, make comments on ours. We shall try to develop(produce) during discussion joint tactics of extraction of money from the Network... On that it(she), eventually, and the Network


I wish to share the idea. It can and not business, but only single earnings … but who knows. Besides this idea reminds some, published on this site a little.

I suggest to distribute the advertizing leaflet or the brochure where there will be an advertising information of some firms. Distribution can be carried out through a network of stalls of "Rospechat", bookshops, easier(simply) to sell friend, etc.

You ask: « Who will be it not that what to take and read, and even to buy? » You are right. But a secret here in what. The advertising information will be on pages of the booklet, the brochure, simply leaf(sheet) of a beautiful paper where the information interesting by all will settle down. For example, the most effective information are phones for all occasions your city: administrations of areas, service, emergency, operative services, personnel agencies, cultural establishments, telephone hotlines, etc. I have such list on a to Krasnoyarsk where I live. I think, that at many it is possible to make such list for the city. Besides everyone will want to have small or simply leaf of a paper with these phones of its(his) city.

It is possible to think and above other basis of your booklet. Perhaps, it will be any addresses, recipes (medical, on preparation of dishes, etc.), instructions to etc. the Main thing that it was necessary and the helpful information. Only under these conditions it(her) will buy.

The advertising information on firms have on an empty seat (field), or on separate pages. The size, a kind and the maintenance(contents) of the advertising information depends on your design abilities and the arrangement with the organization, whose advertising you have on pages of this booklet, the directory (as will name). Can be passed(taken place) by examples of any newspaper of free-of-charge announcements, colourful advertising magazine. It is possible to copy an advertising icon or to think up the . But to master CorelDraw, Photoshop, Pagemaker and Word it is necessary to you. Simply advertising text to manage it is impossible. It is necessary, that the reader paid attention on (differently what for to the organizations to place with you the advertising?).

Greater(Big) difficulty at the organization of this idea will consist in search and belief of representatives of firms and the organizations. Many works and clauses(articles) are devoted to it(this). In total it(this) I shall not concern(touch).

Now we shall talk how all the same to print all this. At everyone the opportunities at realization of this idea. If you have decided to unpack(print out) on the laser printer at you will turn out, naturally, black-and-white and not attractive. And the price for them accordingly will be below. It is possible to print the text on and on - it to turn out more more attractively. But in this case the circulation will leave small. If you have an opportunity to unpack(print out) your work on a risograph the circulation can make some thousand. But besides it will not turn out press(seals) (only imposing of colors(flowers)). The Best variant is offset a press(seal). Thus it is necessary to address in a professional printing house and to pay some sum. If you will manage to agree well with advertizers (the decent sum) why and is not present …

The idea a little more crude, but is quite real for realization.


Organization of holidays.

There is just one possible limit in this business - Your imagination and the budget of your client .People who work int this sphere said that organizing events for young and old is great . As i already said there is no limit for this business. As i know in Russia work more than 500 people and live from this.Those people make program for holidays they create basic ideas like :
Script for the holiday
contract for the place where holiday will be .
search for waitress and etc.
make the menu
Make fun program and etc.
At the beginning you need the help of other companies like people who will bring flowers .. or make cakes .probably there may be needed and registration in some restaurant.
You can start this business from home ,but after few events you may want to rent your own office .



After publication of my idea Manufacturing of -labels with
Portrait of the favourite person I have started to receive set
Questions, specifications, offers also has understood, that an opportunity
Manufacturing of portraits on various substrates it is interesting not
Only to me.

American company GLOBOTRONICS INTERNATIONAL- - lets out(releases) preparations for posters, from
Special material with very beautiful and juicy registration. I
Has contacted them and has bought(purchased) posters " I Love You ",
Having very convenient fastening for suspension on a wall.

After delivery and at a party(set) 480 pieces (it is less they
Have refused to ship) posters in size A3 have managed to me on approximately $1,5.

In the same place I have bought(purchased) from them (translation) paper for
The jet printer. The paper has managed approximately in a leaf(sheet)-
Hardly it is more $1. This paper allows to translate
The image a usual iron.

The digital chamber at me was.

We have taken a wedding photo in the REGISTRY OFFICE and have made the sample. In days
One of my assistants removes registration young (we do(make)
On a poster only one kind, therefore conflicts to photographers
REGISTRY OFFICES does not arise), as a rule, it is removed all pairs and,
NECESSARILY we learn(we find out), where they celebrate wedding. In the evening, soon
After the beginning of a celebration, we bring a finished article.

Believe, that 90 % of visitors, especially those visitors and relatives,
Which have arrived from other cities, these(it) necessarily order
Posters for itself, and to us remains only already
Being memory of a computer a file and to go round all weddings,
Having taken an advance payment. Refusals does not happen!

Certainly, my children(guys) these days sleep a little, but believe, that
Profitability is high enough also they wait for Fridays and Saturdays with

At us absolutely small city, on the average for 2 days happens up to 10
Weddings, and for cities with a greater(big) population and several
REGISTRY OFFICES this offer will be even more interesting.

On manufacturing of one poster leaves about 5 minutes. Ours
Posters on weddings are on sale from 15 up to 20 dollars for a piece. In
Other cases we them sells from 7 up to 10 dollars for a piece.

Very much the great demand by day enamoured, often is ordered by children(guys),
Which serve in army and send little girls. Little girls give
The posters favourite at date of a birth. In general, it is that rare
Kind of business when people give money with a smile!

Recently have made (the truth without demand) a poster with group TATU
- interest is, but
It is dear(expensive) to fans, all the same it for photos of relatives
People, and for duplicating however, maybe, in
Your city will be in another way.

if your business was successed you can donate this bank account if you want:)




Do you actually want to monetize your blog?Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to making money from their blogs. If you think commercializing your blog is evil, immoral, unethical, uncool, lame, greedy, obnoxious, or anything along those lines, then don’t commercialize it.

If you have mixed feelings about monetizing your blog, then sort out those feelings first. If you think monetizing your site is wonderful, fine. If you think it’s evil, fine. But make up your mind before you seriously consider starting down this path. If you want to succeed, you must be congruent. Generating income from your blog is challenging enough — you don’t want to be dealing with self-sabotage at the same time. It should feel genuinely good to earn income from your blog — you should be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed. If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it. If, however, you find yourself full of doubts over whether this is the right path for you, you might find this article helpful: It’s about balancing your needs with the needs of others.If you do decide to generate income from your blog, then don’t be shy about it. If you’re going to put up ads, then really put up ads. Don’t just stick a puny little ad square in a remote corner somewhere. If you’re going to request donations, then really request donations. Don’t put up a barely visible “Donate” link and pray for the best. If you’re going to sell products, then really sell them. Create or acquire the best quality products you can, and give your visitors compelling reasons to buy. If you’re going to do this, then fully commit to it. Don’t take a half-assed approach. Either be full-assed or no-assed.You can reasonably expect that when you begin commercializing a free site, some people will complain, depending on how you do it. I launched this site in October 2004, and I began putting Google Adsense ads on the site in February 2005. There were some complaints, but I expected that — it was really no big deal. Less than 1 in 5,000 visitors actually sent me negative feedback. Most people who sent feedback were surprisingly supportive. Most of the complaints died off within a few weeks, and the site began generating income almost immediately, although it was pretty low — a whopping $53 the first month. If you’d like to see some month-by-month specifics, I posted my 2005 Adsense revenue figures earlier this year. Adsense is still my single best source of revenue for this site, although it’s certainly not my only source. More on that later…Can you make a decent income online?Yes, absolutely. At the very least, a high five-figure annual income is certainly an attainable goal for an individual working full-time from home.

Can most people do it?No, they can’t. I hope it doesn’t shock you to see a personal development web site use the dreaded C-word. But I happen to agree with those who say that 99% of people who try to generate serious income from their blogs will fail. The tagline for this site is “Personal Development for Smart People.” And unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook), smart people are a minority on this planet. So while most people can’t make a living this way, I would say that most smart people can. How do you know whether or not you qualify as smart? Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you have to ask the question, you aren’t.

If that last paragraph doesn’t flood my inbox with flames, I don’t know what will. OK, actually .This kind of 99-1 ratio isn’t unique to blogging though. You’ll see it in any field with relatively low barriers to entry. What percentage of wannabe actors, musicians, or athletes ever make enough money from their passions to support themselves? It doesn’t take much effort to start a blog these days — almost anyone can do it. Talent counts for something, and the talent that matters in blogging is intelligence. But that just gets you in the door. You need to specifically apply your intelligence to one particular talent. And the best words I can think of to describe that particular talent are: web savvy.If you are very web savvy, or if you can learn to become very web savvy, then you have an excellent shot of making enough money from your blog to cover all your living expenses… and then some. But if becoming truly web savvy is more than your gray matter can handle, then I’ll offer this advice: Don’t quit your day job.

Web savvyWhat do I mean by web savvy? You don’t need to be a programmer, but you need a decent functional understanding of a variety of web technologies. What technologies are “key” will depend on the nature of your blog and your means of monetization. But generally speaking I’d list these elements as significant:




Optional: podcasting, instant messaging, PHP or other web scripting languages.

I’m sure I missed a few due to familiarity blindness. If scanning such a list makes your head spin, I wouldn’t recommend trying to make a full-time living from blogging just yet. Certainly you can still blog, but you’ll be at a serious disadvantage compared to someone who’s more web savvy, so don’t expect to achieve stellar results until you expand your knowledge base.

If you want to sell products such as ebooks, then you can add e-commerce, SSL, digital delivery, fraud prevention, and online databases to the list. Again, you don’t need to be a programmer; you just need a basic understanding of these technologies. Even if you hire someone else to handle the low-level implementation, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. You need to be able to trust your strategic decisions, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re a General who doesn’t know what a gun is.

A lack of understanding is a major cause of failure in the realm of online income generation. For example, if you’re clueless about search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll probably cripple your search engine rankings compared to someone who understands SEO well. But you can’t consider each technology in isolation. You need to understand the connections and trade-offs between them. Monetizing a blog is a balancing act. You may need to balance the needs of yourself, your visitors, search engines, those who link to you, social bookmarking sites, advertisers, affiliate programs, and others. Seemingly minor decisions like what to title a web page are significant. In coming up with the title of this article, I have to take all of these potential viewers into consideration. I want a title that is attractive to human visitors, drives reasonable search engine traffic, yields relevant contextual ads, fits the theme of the site, and encourages linking and social bookmarking. And most importantly I want each article to provide genuine value to my visitors. I do my best to create titles for my articles that balance these various needs. Often that means abandoning cutesy or clever titles in favor of direct and comprehensible ones. It’s little skills like these that help drive sustainable traffic growth month after month. Missing out on just this one skill is enough to cripple your traffic. And there are dozens of these types of skills that require web savvy to understand, respect, and apply.

This sort of knowledge is what separates the 1% from the 99%. Both groups may work just as hard, but the 1% is getting much better results for their efforts. It normally doesn’t take me more than 60 seconds to title an article, but a lot of experience goes into those 60 seconds. You really just have to learn these ideas once; after that you can apply them routinely.

Whenever you come across a significant web technology you don’t understand, look it up on or , and dive into it long enough to acquire a basic understanding of it. To make money from blogging it’s important to be something of a jack of all trades. Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” That may be true, but you don’t need to master any of these technologies — you just have to be good enough to use them. It’s the difference between being able to drive a car vs. becoming an auto mechanic. Strive to achieve functional knowledge, and then move on to something else. Even though I’m an experienced programmer, I don’t know how many web technologies actually work. I don’t really care. I can still use them to generate results. In the time it would take me to fully understand one new technology, I can achieve sufficient functional knowledge to apply several of them.Thriving on changeYour greatest risk isn’t that you’ll make mistakes that will cost you. Your greatest risk is that you’ll miss opportunities. You need an entrepreneurial mindset, not an employee mindset. Don’t be too concerned with the risk of loss — be more concerned with the risk of missed gains. It’s what you don’t know and what you don’t do that will hurt you the worst. Blogging is cheap. Your expenses and financial risk should be minimal. Your real concern should be missing opportunities that would have made you money very easily. You need to develop antennae that can listen out for new opportunities. I highly recommend subscribing to Darren Rowse’s blog — Darren is great at uncovering new income-generating opportunities for bloggers.The blogosphere changes rapidly, and change creates opportunity. It takes some brains to decipher these opportunities and to take advantage of them before they disappear. If you hesitate to capitalize on something new and exciting, you may simply miss out. Many opportunities are temporary. And every day you don’t implement them, you’re losing money you could have earned. And you’re also missing opportunities to build traffic, grow your audience, and benefit more people.I used to get annoyed by the rapid rate of change of web technologies. It’s even more rapid than what I saw when I worked in the computer gaming industry. And the rate of change is accelerating. Almost every week now I learn about some fascinating new web service or idea that could potentially lead to big changes down the road. Making sense of them is a full-time job in itself. But I learned to love this insane pace. If I’m confused then everyone else is probably confused too. And people who only do this part-time will be very confused. If they aren’t confused, then they aren’t keeping up. So if I can be just a little bit faster and understand these technologies just a little bit sooner, then I can capitalize on some serious opportunities before the barriers to entry become too high. Even though confusion is uncomfortable, it’s really a good thing for a web entrepreneur. This is what creates the space for a

to earn $1,030,112 online in just a few months with a clever idea. Remember this isn’t a zero-sum game. Don’t let someone else’s success make you feel diminished or jealous. Let it inspire you instead.What’s your overall income-generation strategy?I don’t want to insult anyone, but most people are utterly clueless when it comes to generating income from their blogs. They slap things together haphazardly with no rhyme or reason and hope to generate lots of money. While I’m a strong advocate of the ready-fire-aim approach, that strategy does require that you eventually aim. Ready-fire-fire-fire-fire will just create a mess.

Take a moment to articulate a basic income-generating strategy for your site. If you aren’t good at strategy, then just come up with a general philosophy for how you’re going to generate income. You don’t need a full business plan, just a description of how you plan to get from $0 per month to whatever your income goal is. An initial target goal I used when I first started this site was $3000 per month. It’s a somewhat arbitrary figure, but I knew if I could reach $4000 per month, I could certainly push it higher, and $3000 is enough income that it’s going to make a meaningful difference in my finances. I reached that level 15 months after launching the site (in December 2005). And since then it’s continued to increase nicely. Blogging income is actually quite easy to maintain. It’s a lot more secure than a regular job. No one can fire me, and if one source of income dries up, I can always add new ones. We’ll address multiple streams of income soon…

Are you going to generate income from advertising, affiliate commissions, product sales, donations, or something else? Maybe you want a combination of these things. However you decide to generate income, put your basic strategy down in writing. I took 15 minutes to create a half-page summary of my monetization strategy. I only update it about once a year and review it once a month. This isn’t difficult, but it helps me stay focused on where I’m headed. It also allows me to say no to opportunities that are inconsistent with my plan.

Refer to your monetization strategy (or philosophy) when you need to make design decisions for your web site. Although you may have multiple streams of income, decide which type of income will be your primary source, and design your site around that. Do you need to funnel people towards an order form, or will you place ads all over the site? Different monetization strategies suggest different design approaches. Think about what specific action you want your visitors to eventually take that will generate income for you, and design your site accordingly.

When devising your income strategy, feel free to cheat. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Copy someone else’s strategy that you’re convinced would work for you too. Do NOT copy anyone’s content or site layout (that’s copyright infringement), but take note of how they’re making money. I decided to monetize this site with advertising and affiliate income after researching how various successful bloggers generated income. Later I added donations as well. This is an effective combo.

Traffic, traffic, trafficAssuming you feel qualified to take on the challenge of generating income from blogging (and I haven’t scared you away yet), the three most important things you need to monetize your blog are traffic, traffic, and traffic.

Just to throw out some figures, last month (April 2006), this site received over 1.1 million visitors and over 2.4 million page views. That’s almost triple what it was just six months ago.

Why is traffic so important? Because for most methods of online income generation, your income is a function of traffic. If you double your traffic, you’ll probably double your income (assuming your visitor demographics remain fairly consistent). You can screw almost everything else up, but if you can generate serious traffic, it’s really hard to fail. With sufficient traffic the realistic worst case is that you’ll eventually be able to monetize your web site via trial and error (as long as you keep those visitors coming).

When I first launched this blog, I knew that traffic building was going to be my biggest challenge. All of my plans hinged on my ability to build traffic. If I couldn’t build traffic, it was going to be very difficult to succeed. So I didn’t even try to monetize my site for the first several months. I just focused on traffic building. Even after 19 months, traffic building is still the most important part of my monetization plan. For my current traffic levels, I know I’m undermonetizing my site, but that’s OK. Right now it’s more important to me to keep growing the site, and I’m optimizing the income generation as I go along.

Traffic is the primary fuel of online income generation. More visitors means more ad clicks, more product sales, more affiliate sales, more donations, more consulting leads, and more of whatever else that generates income for you. And it also means you’re helping more and more people.

With respect to traffic, you should know that in many respects, the rich do get richer. High traffic leads to even more traffic-building opportunities that just aren’t accessible for low-traffic sites. On average at least 20 bloggers add new links to my site every day, my articles can easily surge to the top of social bookmarking sites like , and I’m getting more frequent requests for radio interviews. Earlier this year I was featured in and in , which collectively have millions of readers. Journalists are finding me by doing Google searches on topics I’ve written about. These opportunities were not available to me when I was first starting out. Popular sites have a serious advantage. The more traffic you have, the more you can attract.If you’re intelligent and web savvy, you should also be able to eventually build a high-traffic web site. And you’ll be able to leverage that traffic to build even more traffic.How to build trafficNow if traffic is so crucial, how do you build it up to significant levels if you’re starting from rock bottom?

I’ve already written a lengthy article on this topic, so I’ll refer you there: . If you don’t have time to read it now, feel free to bookmark it or print it out for later. That article covers my general philosophy of traffic-building, which centers on creating content that provides genuine value to your visitors. No games or gimmicks.There is one other important traffic-building tip I’ll provide here though.Blog Carnivals. Take full advantage of when you’re just starting out (click the previous link and read the FAQ there to learn what carnivals are if you don’t already know). Periodically submit your best blog posts to the appropriate carnivals for your niche. Carnivals are easy ways to get links and traffic, and best of all, they’re free. Submitting only takes minutes if you use a . nities is.

Will putting ads on your site hurt your traffic?Here’s a common fear I hear from people who are considering monetizing their web sites:

Putting ads on my site will cripple my traffic. The ads will drive people away, and they’ll never come back.Well, in my experience this is absolutely, positively, and otherwise completely and totally… FALSE. It’s just not true. Guess what happened to my traffic when I put ads on my site. Nothing. Guess what happened to my traffic when I put up more ads and donation links. Nothing. I could detect no net effect on my traffic whatsoever. Traffic continued increasing at the same rate it did before there were ads on my site. In fact, it might have even helped me a little, since some bloggers actually linked to my site just to point out that they didn’t like my ad layout. I’ll leave it up to you to form your own theories about this. It’s probably because there’s so much advertising online already that even though some people will complain when a free site puts up ads, if they value the content, they’ll still come back, regardless of what they say publicly.

Most mature people understand it’s reasonable for a blogger to earn income from his/her work. I think I’m lucky in that my audience tends to be very mature — immature people generally aren’t interested in personal development. To create an article like this takes serious effort, not to mention the hard-earned experience that’s required to write it. This article alone took me over 15 hours of writing and editing. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to earn an income from such work. If you get no value from it, you don’t pay anything. What could be more fair than that? The more income this blog generates, They’re effective! People keep clicking on them. If they weren’t effective, I’d remove them right away and try something else.I do avoid putting up ads that I personally find annoying when I see them on other sites, including pop-ups and interstitials (stuff that flies across your screen). Even though they’d make me more money, in my opinion they degrade the visitor experience too much.

I also provide two ad-free outlets, so if you really don’t like ads, you can actually read my content without ads. First, I provide a full-text RSS feed, and at least for now it’s ad-free. I do, however, include a in the bottom of my feeds.If you want to see some actual traffic data, take a look at the . I first put ads on the site in February 2005, and although the chart doesn’t cover pre-February traffic growth, the growth rate was very similar before then. For an independent source, you can also look at my traffic chart on . You can select different Range options to go further back in time.Multiple streams of incomeYou don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket. Think multiple streams of income. On this site I actually have six different streams of income. Can you count them all? Here’s a list:

Google Adsense ads (pay per click and pay per impression advertising) Donations (via PayPal or snail mail — yes, some people do mail a check) Text Link Ads (sold for a fixed amount per month) Chitika eMiniMalls ads (pay per click) Affiliate programs like

Amazon and (commission on products sold, mostly books) Advertising sold to individual advertisers (three-month campaigns or longer)Note: If you’re reading this article a while after its original publication date, then this list is likely to change. I frequently experiment with different streams.Adsense is my biggest single source of income, but some of the others do pretty well too. Every stream generates more than $100/month.


if your business was successed you can donate this bank account if you want:)

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