Solidarity Actions

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70 Detainees Hunger Strike at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayview, TX:  Began On National Day of Action Against Sherriff Arpaio, The Hunger Strike grows in Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Continue Reading.

A Call to Action

A courageous and bold act, initiated by Jenny, a survivor of domestic violence, is taking place in our community in an effort to amplify the voices of families being torn apart by deportation. On January 1st, Jenny and 4 other brave individuals entered St. Anne’s Mission in Naranja, FL (near Miami) and have vowed to consume only liquids and not another meal until the Obama Administration hears the voices of all the families torn apart by deportation.

While each faster has their story, Domestic Violence and women’s organizations in South Florida are highlighting Jenny's. She made a domestic violence report against her husband, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities came to her house shortly after. Since then, Jenny has been wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet on her ankle.  Jenny is facing deportation and is scared of being separated from her family.  This is not an isolated case; nearly 32,000 people face Jenny's fate everyday.
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Open Solidarity Letter from Kentucky
January 15, 2010 - Martin Luther King's Birthday

Dear Fast for Families, including the current six fasters, as well as the organizational and individual supporters at and around St. Ann’s Mission in Naranja, Florida.

We would like to express our solidarity for the Fast for Families that you are undertaking.  From small beginnings done in a spirit of sacrifice and non-violence, big things can be accomplished.  Fasts or hunger strikes of this kind are powerful social and spiritual practices that never leave reality as it was prior to the sacrifices undertaken.  We thank you from our hearts for what you fasters are doing, and for the work of those supporting
you!  Your personal and collective sacrifice is truly aimed at the well being of everyone in our society, as we seek a healing of the broken, inhumane and patently unjust situation for undocumented immigrants and their families across the U.S. today.  Continue reading.

Bishop Leo Frade of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida announced that he stands behind the efforts of the Fast for Our Families.  Said Bishop Frade, "The Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida supports the Fast for Our Families in its effort to stop the separation of families, a principle to which the Episcopal Church is committed."

Message from Luis Mendez Jr., a native resident of Homestead, Florida

My name is Luis Mendez Jr. I am a native resident to Homestead Florida. I've been a member of Mission Santa Ana all my life. I personally know Pedro Garcia (Padre Pedro) and Mike Nunez who I consider as my role models and Best Friends. I have recently moved to Los Angeles, California. I just found out of what's happening there today, Jan. 14th. I know for a fact and God is my witness that if I was there I would be sitting right next to you. I cry because I wish I could do more, I admire everyone that is standing up for those who have suffered sooo much...God will change this...  Continue reading.

Deborah Sherman de Santos
10 Days as a Solidarity Faster - Deborah's day-by-day account of her experiences as a solidarity faster
and what led her to fight against unjust immigration policy
Deborah Sherman de Santos - Statement on why I'm doing a Solidarity Fast

January 12 - Candlelight Vigil in Gainesville

The Emmanuel Mennonite Church of Gainesville, who knows first hand the situation of immigrants in detention for having helped people in the infamous York county jail in Pennsylvania, will sponsor a candlelight vigil in support of the Fast for Our Families and the Trail of Dreams. The solidarity event will be held at the at Westminster Presbyterian Church's Community Building at 1521 NW 34th Street, on January 12 from 7-9.

I invite you all to come and show massive support to these initiatives and its courageous, inspiring people. You can read about them online at and Please, spread the word as much as you can.

Thank you!
Veronica Musa

S.W.E.R. Students to Visit Fasters

Four S.W.E.R (Students Working for Equal Rights) students from Miami Dade North Campus will be visiting the fasters around Noon. We support the Fast and the Trail because there is a need for strong action. Our families need to be together, and it is not fair that we are losing productive members of society to unjust deportations.

“Personally, I feel that President Obama needs to make a decision now. I’m tired of seen my friends stop attending school due to extremely high payments or hearing stories of abuse. We need to tell the world that we cannot wait any longer; this is a real problem and it needs a real solution.” - Iris Almonacid, S.W.E.R.

New Sanctuary Movement in Milwaukee announces Solidarity Fast

January 9, 2010 - Interfaith Vigil in Raymondville, Texas

January 5 - Immigrant Rights Movement Escalates - Detained Haitian Immigrant Leader Jean Montrevil Joins Fast for Our Families as 8 NY Clergy Arrested Fighting Separation of Families

Kids to Immigration: 2010 New Years Resolution - STOP TAKING OUR PARENTS AWAY

December 18, 2009 - Remarks at Kick-off Event by Dr. Rutland of Miami Shores Presbyterian Church