How YOU Can Help

1.    Call the Department of Homeland Security and ask Secretary Napolitano
to meet with the fasters: 866-587-3023 (para Espanol: 866-974-8813).  When you call, the message will provide a script.

2.    Start a Fast
and widely publicize the Fasters' stories

  • Tell everyone you know about the Fast for Our Families
Facebook    *    Twitter - English    *    Twitter - Espanol

  • Solidarity Fasts -  Organize a 1-day Solidarity Fast or other action.  If you are in the area, come spend the day with us.  If you aren’t, do it from where you are.  Let us know who you are, why you are joining us, and when you are fasting by emailing  And if you want to join the indefinite fast, please let us know.        

  • Make a Contribution to support the families of the Fasters.  
    • Donate Online
    • Checks - You can send a check made out to WeCount! At Box 344116, Florida City, FL 33034. Put Fast for our Families in the memo.

  • Action Alerts - As the fast progresses, it will be incredibly important to circulate action alerts to the Administration and the Department of Homeland Security to ensure constant pressure.  We ask that as action alerts are drafted, you circulate them as widely as possible and help us ensure that calls/faxes/email to DHS and the White House are being made.

  • Take Action.  Contact President Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and your legislators.