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 Fast Finish Decorative Concrete Surface Contractors -Lic # 199029 / Bonded / Insured/ 
Our business is Surface Restoration-  We have extensive Polishing & Cleaning Services for Salem Oregon and surrounding areas. We utilize the most advanced Hydro Steam Evacuation-Cleaning System for the purpose of restoring finishes on man made and natural surfaces to a like new finishes. Surfaces include: Travertine, Vinyl, Carpet, Concrete,Tile,Grout, Natural Stone, Slate, Granite, Marble,Wood, Vinyl,Siding, Metal.  We also Specialize in Removing Graffiti, Efflorescence, Mastic glues and embedded molds,mildews and bacteria from various surface structures.
  In addition Fast Finish designs and installs Custom Concrete Overlays utilizing the advanced Elite Crete System...
We create beautiful surfaces.It is our passion to create art with our system of decorative overlays.

Our Mission
Our goal is to create lasting artistic, creative walking surfaces that can be enjoyed for generations of heavy use. Our medium of choice is polymere cement overlays. We feel that life is to short for average boring concrete. Decorative concrete overlays provide a relatively fast but durable finish that will outlast most other surface structures and can be made to represent natural stones, wood, and even leather and marbles. Limited only by the imagination for design and colors, these overlays are becoming the surface of choice for strength and durability.

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 Our Surface Preparation Equipment

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Fast Finish has all the needed experience and technology to clean and maintain most decorative surfaces in addition to preparing surfaces properly for decorative concrete overlays. This insures the best possible look and performance expected for your floor. We can maintain what we install and provide a clean sterile floor with a warm welcome finish.