According to the FAST/NDOT inter-local agreement for the freeway management system (FMS) Scope of Service, traffic volumes from freeway flow detectors (FDD) need to be compared and verified. the total lane-by-lane traffic counts need to be verified to assure that the FFD is properly aligned and calibrated so as to successfully capture all vehicles +/- 0.5%).

Description of Project:
This Scope of Work outlines tasks for the implementation of traffic count verification for the freeway flow detectors on segments of I-15, US-95 and CC 215.

FAST will provide a list of freeway flow detectors and number of lanes that need to be verified. The detectors are located on segments of I-15, US-95 and CC 215. FAST will also provide traffic counts from these detectors extracted from the FMS database and freeway surveillance videos of the same time periods and locations. UNLV TRC will verify the traffic counts (lane-by-lane) from the videos, or count traffic in the field is the video is not available. Fifteen minutes counts are required fro each lane of each detector. UNLV TRC shall provide a report to document the verification results in both PDF and Word format.

The work effort for this project has been estimated based on the number of detectors and lanes involving 177 detectors and total of 593 lanes. this estimate is based on the freeway flow detectors located on segments of I-15, US-95 and CC 215.