Mixed Tamales and Frijoles

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Here is the felonious culprit that can be blamed for most of the stuff on this page.


Here is the co-conspiritor and Matriarch of the family.


Oh, boy....a senior citizen party.


Polyester and Dimples relaxing at Oceanside.



Granddaughter No. 2 poses with Dora the Explorer dress


"Twilight Zone" Escargot Polk is stunned at the morning news


Daughter and Grandson


Granddaughter No. 2


Granddaughter No. 1


Grandson No. 1


Granddaughter No. 1 in a very good mood.


Grandson No. 1, happy at the beach.


A Happy Family setting


Family feet.  Guess which ones!


A happy day in Alaska 

I'm almost to embarrassed to publish this.


Police make a bust in front of Grandma and Grandpa's.  Thank goodness it wasn't us this time.


Here's where it all started.