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About Personal Finance Assistant
This application is answer to most of your personal and finance information storage and analysis needs. You can store and analyze following things form one single application instead of depending on number of applications or means to get the same info.
Below are the key functionality provided by the FAssistant application.
  • Manage and track income from different sources, salary income, part-time job income, income from rent etc.
  • Manage and track expenses you do on your own defined categories
  • Manage and track the money you borrow from or lend to your friends, colleagues or roommates
  • Manage and track the money spent in a group of people on sharing basis
  • Manage and track your bank accounts, fixed deposits(CDs) and associated transactions (deposit, withdrawal, interests earned), start date, maturity date, interest rate etc
  • Manage and track your investments on stocks, mutual funds and associated transactions, dividends, earnings (profit/loss), expected earning, complete stock analysis in % as well as actual numbers.
  • Maintain your stock, mutual fund or 401k portfolio to get the very detailed analysis of your investments
  • Use the Cost Basis analysis to determine the tax liability for the stock gains. Also you can use apply the WASH SALE rule (used in USA) to determine gain or loss for tax purpose.
  • Manage and track your loans, and policy accounts and associated payments (installments or RMI), start date, maturity date, interest rate
  • Maintain important and frequently used information. Like your car details, passport details, utility accounts (electricity, water, phone) details, important numbers or info that you may need time to time and you want to keep it handy.
  • Maintain all your personal reminders like reminders about appointments, meetings. These can be categorized as once, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You will see a notification on the dashboard about today's reminders.
  • Manage your Personal Address Book or Contact List. You can store home/work addresses, phone numbers, dependent details, birth date, marriage anniversary date. And yes you need not to store birth year, just date and month is sufficient.
  • Password Management - store all your online user ids/passwords, ATM pin numbers or any other highly confidential info to retrieve it any time with out any hassle. No one else can view this confidential information. You just need to remember one user id/password to see confidential info using this application.
  • Use reports to analyze your expenses and incomes in number of your own customized ways. Like daily, monthly, yearly, grouped by expense/income types, expense/income modes, between 2 specified dates and much more. You can combine various income and expense accounts in a way you want (add/subtract) to get the desired output i.e. (Saving = Income Account 1 + Income Account 2 - Expense Account 1 - Expense Account 2). You can also combine accounts with different currencies as well.
  • Use reports to analyze your financial status like total money in all your bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds, 401k (PF) accounts or how much total cash you have on hand at any point of time, how much in total you have paid in all your loans and policies, how much total profit or loss you made in stocks, total interest earned in all your accounts. You can combine (add/subtract) all your accounts (Bank/Loan/Policy/Stocks) with each other to get the desired output. You can also combine accounts with different currencies as well.
  • Any expense/income/information/transactions/payments/address can be searched using search screen provided for each type of account. You can customize your search in any way you want. You can also determine monthly or yearly averages for all your expenses/incomes/transactions/payments against each attribute (expense type, income type, payment type, transaction type, income mode, expense mode etc.) using *Group Average function.
  • Export the screen or report data in a formatted text file or CSV file.
  • You can import the transaction data from a CSV file for all transaction accounts like expense, income, bank account, stock account, loan/policy account and even personal address book count. Using this feature you can easily import data from any other tool which supports export to CSV file. You can create a template for each source of CSV data and use this template to import the data again and again. Like if you have accounts in 3 different banks you can create 3 templates one for each bank and then use these templates to import the data from CSV files downloaded from those banks.
  • There are about 175 countries/currencies supported by the application. You can add/delete currencies to the application from a pre-defined list of currencies also you can add your own symbol/name to it.
  • Add your own income types, expense types, income modes, expense modes to the application and use them in accounts you create.
  • Import and Export complete data dump of the application for backup or migration purpose.
  • FAssistant application is auto backward compatible (starting from version 6.00). So if you have already installed FAssistant you just need to put the latest FAssistant.exe file in same previously installed directory and FAssistant will take care of rest (it will upgrade your current database to new version of FAssistant). So no worry about upgrading to latest version of FAssistant. Since version 7.00 FAssistant application allows you to set the auto check for newly released version. You can set the frequency of of this check as daily, weekly, monthly etc using Preference screen.
  • Personalize default behavior of various functionality and screens like change the look and feel data, tables, or screens
  • Use embedded plugins to get the current stock prices, current currency exchange rates at runtime.
  • If you miss-categorized the accounts for an account type, you can transfer them between categories of same account type.
  • You can define your own screen shortcuts to access the screens you use most.
  • Create templates of the transactions and use them for single or bulk transactions creation.
  • Ability to enter expression (like 10.89 / 3 * 1.085) in most of the amount fields.

On the main screen (Dashboard) of the application you can see

  • Who of all your friends and loved ones have birthday or marriage anniversary this month and today?
  • What are the accounts/loans/policies maturing this month and today?
  • What all important reminders, appointments or meetings you have this month and today?

Current month is shown by default with today’s reminders highlighted. You can always browse back and forth in months.

So in other words you can say this application can act as your personal assistant which can let you know all the important and confidential information which you need at times. And you need not to pay or invest a single penny to use it, it there for you for free 24 hours a day 7 ways a week.

Don't you think it's worth to try it once?

Software/Hardware requirements (Version 7.00 and above):

Following are the minimum system requirements for running this application

  • Currently FAssistant application has installation file for Windows system only, installation files for other operating systems will be added shortly.
  • JRE/JDK (JAVA) 1.5 must be installed and should be there in your system's path.

If you don't have the JAVA installed or don't have required version of JAVA, you will see an error message pop-up when you run the FAssistant application and the home page to download the JAVA will be shown in the system's default browser.

Hence if you don't have JRE/JDK 1.5 or later installed on your machine, first download it from the sun's website (URL given is side bar) and install it before installing FAssistant application.


  • It is recommended to use this application with JRE/JDK 1.6. The look and feel of all the screens is much batter in JRE/JDK 1.6 compare to older version of JREs/JDKs. Also it is recommended to you the 'Metal' look and feel on the Preference screen (Application 1 tab) or new FAssistant (Custom) with font size 11. It is also recommended that screen resolution should be 1680 X 1050, although minimum required screen resolution is 1024 X 768.
  • Application has been tested on JDK1.5 and 1.6. There will be no change in functionality based on the JRE/JDK version you use.
  • Application has been tested on Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit), and it is advised to use the application in "Personal Mode" (if available) while doing initial setup (when you run the FAssistant application for first time).

For installation instruction see the download page for specific version.

How to Upgrade: Upgrading from any version prior to v7.00

  • If you want you can make a copy of existing FAssistant.exe file (in case you need it) by going to FAssistant installation directory.
  • Download the latest version of (like file from the application's home page and save it at some place on your hard drive.
  • Unzip it using some tool like winzip. Go to the folder where you unzipped the files.
  • Double click the setup_710.msi file to launch the installation wizard and follow the prompts and steps (you can follow the default options in most cases).
  • You should select the installation folder same as old FAssistant version.
  • Follow the prompts and steps. This will update the FAssisatnt.exe and other required filed under the FAssistant installation folder.
  • To run the application go to Start -> FAssistant and select FAssistant.
  • A confirm message will be shown if database upgrade is required for the new the version. Click 'Yes' and follow the prompts and steps.
  • It will ask you the admin userid and password.
  • Provide the admin credentials to continue with database upgrade. A success message will be shown once the data import is completed and the application will be closed.
  • Now you are done with the database upgrade to the newer version of FAssistant and good to start using the newer version of FAssistant.
  • To run the application go to Start -> FAssistant and select FAssistant. Your admin/application userid and password will remain same as older version of FAssistant.

Other important links:

  • Use Issue Tracker to report a bug or track a bug you filed about FAssistant application.
  • Use Downloads page to download the FAssistant application or download using Quick Download link on side bar
  • Use FAQ page to get answers to frequently asked questions or ask a question
  • Use Feedback page to provide your feedback about FAssistant application or view the existing feedback.

 What's in Next Release: 

  • Support for Mac installable
  • Enhanced Search
  • Help