Flora of the Fassifern Scrub

The term Fassifern Scrub dates back to when this area was opened for closer settlement which happened after it's sibling area the Rosewood Scrub was opened.  These two areas were very heavily forested and difficult to navigate and were not suited to pastoral use.  Many early settler families initially went to the Rosewood area before moving to the Fassifern.  The scrubs were heavily selected by German settlers under conditions which required "improvments" including clearing of the land.  This was done with such efficiency very little of the original scrub exist and all examples are heavily contaminated by weeds.

The Fassifern Scrub is dominated by Brigalow on the heavier black soil with a mix of vine thickets on the redder soils often on the steeper slopes or in the moister gullies.   Before white settlement the Fassifern and Rosewood Scrubs were isolated from the Brigalow Belt of Central Queensland and are thought to be "relict from former dry climatic periods".