Heather Evenson


Hall of famer and Record breaking pitcher for St. Cloud State University, Heather Evenson is owner of Pitching Perfect. Through Countless hours of instruction and practice, Heather has become well-known throughout the twin cities for her extensive work conducting pitching clinics and working with pitchers.Heather’s experience has included coaching at every level including coaching for 3 years at Carleton College, 11 years as a head varsity coach, and 20 years of teaching pitching at every age and level. Heather has worked with many pitchers some who have become nationally ranked college pitchers, top metro pitchers and strikeout leaders in the state. Heather teaches a series of progressions that place a strong focus on mechanics but focuses on the individual needs of the pitcher.


    • Fastball *Curve ball
    • Screw ball *Drop Ball (roll over or peel)
    • Rise ball * Change- up (a variety)

It takes many hours and dedication to become an elite pitcher and let me tell you from experience that you always have something to be working on and sometimes it is really boring but it does pay off in the end.Pitching is a physical, psychological, and character building position.You will not become a pitcher overnight and to achieve your goals you not only need someone to catch for you but you also need the support of your family.

Career Accomplishments: Inducted into the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame.

College -4 year softball scholarship to SCSU, 21stin the Division II National Rankings for strike outs, Renslow Scholarship winner given to only two woman athletes, Team Captain, NCAA Division II Midwest Region All-Tournament Team, All-North Conference Academic Team, SCSU record holder in innings pitched 230.1and most strike outs in a season 209.

High School: Star and tribune feature article, 3 year all conference, 2 year all region, 2 year all state, 3 year all – metro. State tournament team, all-star game, Mn. / Iowa challenge, Star and Tribune player of the week, two timeTop 50 players (star and tribune and pioneer press).



Mission Statement

Heather’s mission as a women's fast pitch softball pitching instructor is to provide beginning and advanced fundamentals of windmill pitching to enable the pitcher to have readily available knowledge and skills to become the best pitcher she can be.