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Fashion Games For Girls That Love Fashion

fashion games for girls that love fashion
    that love
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fashion games for girls that love fashion - I Love
I Love Games - 16 Great Games for Girls
I Love Games - 16 Great Games for Girls
Enjoy this awesome collection of 16 games that every girl will love! Solve a mystery, go horse-back riding, make it big in business or dive into a star-studded world of fashion and much more! Now, girls can enter a variety of virtual worlds where the possibilities and fun are endless!

Enjoy this awesome collection of 16 games that every girl will love, Solve a mystery, go horseback riding, make it big in business or dive deep into a star-studded world of fashion and much more. Now, girls can enter a variety of virtual worlds where the possibilities and fun are endless!
16 Great Games for Girls:
Illusions: Magic Encyclopedia 3 Illusions: Magic Encyclopedia 3
When things are not what they seem, you must use trust and love to find the truth.The Quest of Fate The Quest of Fate
Hunt for the Crystals of Fortune in this time twisting seek-and-find adventure that will put the destiny of the world in your hands!Amelie's CafeAmelie's Cafe
Turn Amelie's Cafe into the HIPPEST hangout in town as you feed the FAMISHED masses!
Vacation MogulVacation Mogul
Step into the tourist business in this exciting simulation game!Island FarmerIsland Farmer
It's up to you to turn this tropical island into a fertile paradise bursting with fruits, vegetables & animals! The harvest is ripe with non-stop fun as you produce a bumper crop of points & trophies!Joan Jade Joan Jade
Join Joan Jade as she investigates and hunts down the clues in this mysterious thriller! Join Joan Jade as she investigates and hunts down the clues in this mysterious thriller!
Grow your restaurant empire, from snackshack to the big league cook-off in this delicious seek & find adventure!Beach Party CrazeBeach Party Craze
You'll have it made in the shade if you can keep the hottest beach party rocking with awesome beach toys, rides & more!Pet Vet 3DPet Vet 3D
As vet, you'll get to take care of fuzzy bunnies, cats, dogs, horses, ponies and even piglets. Love care and treat all your animal friends!
Riding StablesRiding Stables
Build up your farm, upgrade your stables and breed your own foals in this spectacular riding simulation. Build your horses trust and reap the reward of their friendship as you compete for the gold cup in the grand tournaments!My BoyfriendMy Boyfriend
Your vacation takes on a life of its own when you meet the cutest guys. The fun is only just beginning when mysterious events shake up paradise. It's up to you to set things straight and find out if he's the one.The Clue ClubThe Clue Club Animal Detectives
Join the Animal Detectives as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of the neighborhood's cats. As the team gears up to track downthe culprit, you'll examine finger prints, talk to a variety of witnesses, and uncover curious clues in this exciting adventure!
Heroes of Hellas 2Heroes of Hellas 2
Someone has stolen the scepter with which Zeus controls Heaven and Earth. In Heroes of Hellas, you'll travel through Ancient Greece and into Hades to find the thief and return the scepter to its rightful owner.Diamond Drop 2Diamond Drop 2
Sparkling fun never stops with endless levels of diamonds to play with. Celebrate each new level of fun with falling diamonds in this addicting, action-puzzle game.Vogue TalesVogue Tales
Take on the fashion elite and create beautiful clothes!
Doggie DaycareDoggie Daycare
Get ready to meet your new best friends! It's tail-wagging fun at your doggie daycare center where puppies will feel like they're in paradise! Care, play and love all your favorite breeds, teach them tricks and much more!

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Triple the Future ; Q & A II
Triple the Future ; Q & A II
Yehey for my 50th photo!!!! I just want to say thanks for viewing my stream! I am so happy! I wish to have more friends in flickr! I will do my best for more photos! I like this photo alot! ^____^ I hope you do too! --------------------- Q & A Part II Q: Do you cosplay? A: I stopped cosplaying; I realized it doesn’t suit me. I’m better with funky fashion like Harajuku. But I might do some characters in video games once in a while. Q: I’m curious, Are you straight? Bi? Gay? Do you like younger or older someone? A: I’m straight.. About the other question, It depends.. I like younger guys in real life.. I like older men in terms of celebrity crushes. Q: Are you single? A: Yes, but I don’t have any plans of dating. Q: Do you have any crushes in real life? Who is he! Tell me!? A: Actually yes, I fancied someone. No! I won’t tell! But I’ll give you a clue! He’s Chinese/Viet! We’re not close, we rarely talk. It's a mild crush, I think he's hawt XD Q: Do you have any online boyfriend? A: Ha-ha! Thanks for the laugh! The answer is no, like I said im single.. Why ask? Want to apply or recommend someone? Haha! Kidding.. Actually, im serious! Not! XD Q: Any girl crushes? If yes, who are they? A: LOL! What’s with this love questions huh? Haha! I call it admiration or someone I would love to be, well yes. SHIRLEY MANSON!!!! Scarlett Jo, Mavis (Hi Mavis!!! If you are reading!), Hua (Hi hua! If you are reading too!), Mika Nakashima, Maki from High and Mighty Color and Sandara which I met before in the Philippines @ ABS-CBN (my aunt is a manager of some actors and actresses there) Q: Can I have any collaboration with you? A: Sure I’m game! As long as it’s not some porn! Q: Creepiest/Weirdest encounter before entering modeling? A: Oh! I have a lot!! It’s actually annoying! Some random guys asks me to do AV, I’m like “Go to hell! F*** You!” I really did say that btw. Q: How do you answer indecent proposals online? A: I blast them with a big F.U! Enough said. Q: How do you keep your body frame thin? A: I have high metabolism, it’s quite a pain actually! I need to eat and eat cause If I don’t my ulcer will start to kick in! It hurts a lot! I did yoga, but I stopped. And I started to be a vegan again. Q: Coffee or tea? A: Both, but I’m addicted to coffee which I’m not supposed to drink cause of my health problems. I like tea as well, I love white tea. Q: What are your hobbies besides modeling, photography and dolls? A: I’m a gamer and an otaku… I just play with my consoles and read manga. That’s what I usually do whenever I don’t have work or it’s my relaxation weekend. Wow! That’s a lot of questions! Thank you for viewing my page! Don’t be shy for questions my dear friends! I am happy to answer it back! *cheers*
TAG-ing game! have fun!
TAG-ing game!   have fun!
ipod shuffle or itunes or whatever u have ! 1. Put your iTunes/ ipod / mp3 on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. Write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds! 4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing this tagged by sal paulo alexander ;) 1.What word/phrase best describes your doll collection? ''hot'' by inna 2.What makes you happy?. ''god is a girl'' by groove coverage 3.What do your friends think of you? ''Step Into The Light (Moto Blanco Radio Mix)'' by darren hayes 4.What do your friends think of your dolls? ''my love is always there'' by Saffron Hill feat Ben Onono 5.What do you think of your friends? ''give a lil love '' by alex gaudino 6.What should you be doing now? ''dance for life'' by dj tiesto 7.What should you collect next? ''Light The Skies (R Electrobounce Mix)'' by Cerf, Mitiska, & Jaren 8.Where will you be in 5 years? ''charlie'' by miranda cosgrove 9.Is there something you must share with someone? ''jump off'' by Banned Of St Trinian's 10.What is life trying to teach you? ''Too Little Too Late (Harris Dance remix)'' by jojo 11.What’s the best thing that could happen to you? ''baby baby'' by sunblock 12.What new experience should you try once? ''party'' by demi lovatto 13.What do people like the most about you? ''i get around'' by dragonette

fashion games for girls that love fashion
fashion games for girls that love fashion
Barbie Collector I Love Lucy: Lucy Tells the Truth Doll
'Lucy, you've got some 'splainin' to do!' Barbie Pink Label Collector Doll. Based on the I Love Lucy episode 'Lucy Tells the Truth.' Bring back that unforgettable knife-throwing scene!
Everybody loves Lucy! In the classic episode 'Lucy Tells the Truth,' the hilarious redhead makes a bet with Ricky and the Mertzes that she can go a whole day without lying. After telling a little white lie, Lucy lands herself in a knife-throwing act on television. This Barbie Pink Label Collector Doll and its packaging bring back that unforgettable scene! Stands about 11 1/2-inches tall.

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